This week's Scannal takes a look back at RTE's controversial drama from the 1970's, and the whirlwind that surrounded it. It raised uncomfortable issues about inequality in the Irish education system and in Irish society in general. It also featured the first ever naked Irish woman filmed by and shown on the national broadcasting service. The series was called The Spike and it was axed by the national broadcaster after the fifth episode. In the ensuing days, The Spike and RTÉ were roundly condemned by the press, while RTÉ was inundated with irate letters and phone calls from angry viewers. In the Dail, Dr Noel Browne, TD asked if the cancellation of the series was to be taken as the precedent for a new form of censorship. Ironically the most explosive and controversial material was still to come and would undoubtedly have caused further outrage had they been seen. However, these episodes have never been aired.