This week, Scannal delves into the story of National Irish Bank. Normally when you think of bank robbery, it's the bank that's being robbed, but the scandal of the National Irish bank story was that it was the bank that was caught stealing from its own customers. Shocking, we know. It was a scandal that, at the time, saw the fourth largest bank in Ireland brought to its knees thanks to a courageous whistleblower. A scandal where two prominent journalists put their reputations on the line for what they believed to be the truth. A scandal that saw precedents set by the highest court in the land and a scandal that saw a well known TD ousted and shamed for her part in the proceedings. The story began with a phone call to RTE's Chief News correspondent Charlie Bird. A new series of Prime Time starts tonight at 9.35pm, and looks at the extent to which migrant foreign workers are forced to do inhumane hours for below minimum wage in our country.