Fair City: Now that Yvonne has fully absorbed what’s happened, she's finally plotted her revenge with the precision it deserves. She kicked things off with revealing Dan and Carol’s betrayal to the entire community - she shouted it out outside of a pub for a change. Then she got Robbie involved… He's going to swap a load of dodgy booze in the station with a trip to Waterford thrown in. Rachel’s efforts to be the “woman” of the house and study for The Leaving left her burning at both ends, while Mondo decided his life is a bit rubbish - burning yet more bridges in the process. Well, spending your rent money on a ticket to Vegas will do that. Dolores meanwhile copped that Pete isn’t ready to get married, so she relegated him to the couch - after giving Jackie an earful for coming back into their lives and essentially being a catalyst for the inevitable.

Coronation Street: Given Leanne has been harping on to Alya to tell Kal about her relationship with his mate Gary, you’d think she’d be the last person Alya would ask if she could turn her flat into a nookie nest. Leanne, of course, refused. So, next thing you know, Alya and Gary were getting to know each other in the factory. Not for long, mind as Tracy got her hands on Rob's set of keys and promptly let herself in to trash the place - you know - to cheer herself up. She ended up having a heart to heart with Carla (after a slow dance), and appeared to see sense again. Steve was still pouring everything into that glorified buggy of his; Sally fell in love with a sofa that everyone's mad about despite it looking like something from the red light district; while Sean bagged himself a vicar.

Emmerdale: Marlon decided to give Ross a bed for some reason, which left Laurel in a right state. Her new tentative husband obviously forgot his new house guest carjacked her once. Apart from that, there was a load of people breaking the law; Harriet got arrested on Ruby and Ali’s wedding day for using the church to marry them; Kirin got himself hammered and drove Moira into a ditch. Cain wasn't happy, despite it being his 40th (yup, only 40) - so be beat him up. Charity confessed, giving Pete immunity; Robert decided he might try Aaron on for size; and Jai had a confession for Megan regarding Rachel…

EastEnders: So Peter’s been to New Zealand for approximately 20 hours and now he’s returned armed with a ring for Lauren. Imagine how she’ll feel when it transpires he’s killed Lucy?! Ah, no, he was just supplying her with the cocaine she was apparently hooked on. It was Jane who killed her. Hey, just putting it out there. Either way, nobody in Soapland (particularly EastEnders) is allowed to be happy. EVAH. Elsewhere, Charlie got himself introduced to Aleks’ missus, which resulted in the latter getting his suitcase hurled out of the bedroom window by Roxy while his daughter looked on. Sonia was about to confess to using the charity money on her gastric band, when she fainted. On the upside, Martin (or at least someone who called himself Martin) turned up just as she was about to be carted away in an ambulance.