Break ups, bust ups, and ill-advised hook ups

Fair City: Sunday saw Niamh attempt to rebuild her marriage, while Michael found his own way of dealing with the demise of their relationship - which made for some upsetting news for Mrs Brennan. Well, they do say the best way of getting over a person is to get under another one… Louise was only too happy to oblige. In related news, Louise dumped Decco. Was the daycent ting to do, wha'. Elsewhere, things between Christy and Sean turned more yet sour and super stilted when the former toyed with the idea of not going to Fara’s wedding, leaving Sean wishing he’d taken that job in Limerick. Meanwhile, while Katy reacted in an interesting manner upon learning Laura’s gay. They'll be together in no time. 

Emmerdale: Remember Declan and Charity? They appeared in a couple of episodes last week with questionable tans (especially the latter) Well, while he thinks they’re trying for another baby, he spots the pills she retrieved from the bin in her laptop case. Busted. Adam was still being a mardy misanthropist and was quick to blame Moira for him putting Andy in hospital. Sound. Speaking of which, we saw much lip curling from Bernice as Katie pays her Andy repeated visits. There were two newcomers to the village in the form of Tracy (a mad yoke who’s friends with Sam) and Daz (Dan’s brother), while Marlon’s life combusted when he found out Donna’s dying. Always the last to know. 

EastEnders: It was Linda’s birf’day party (in The Vic, natch), and she had a little announcement for Mick (along the lines of "let's have annovah baybee"), while Shirley made a difficult decision regarding her relationship with Dean. Some shocking new information came to light when a Walford resident in the form of Lee had a confession about the night Lucy was murdered; Lauren’s attempts to repair her relationship with Max were dismissed when her dad hid the truth from her; and Patrick found himself in a sticky situation. We'd love to elaborate on all of the above but we didn't see a huge amount of EastEnders this week. 

Coronation Street: So this Luke and Carla thing actually happened. Sort of. She invited the mechanic back to hers after attempting to buy Peter’s 50% of the ‘factray’ back, but nothing actually happened because he’s not into drunk older women who've been through the mill. He's a gent. Nick and David despair over Gail’s obsession with helping Les Dennis (she gets him a job in Streetcars, and he gives her a telly to say thanks…), while Todd makes Marcus feel guilty over visiting Liam, and Alya informs Izzy of her night with Gary. Elsewhere, Faye admits she’s got a crush on an older guy. Corrie sees their teen pregnancy with Sarah Lou, and raises it ever so slightly...