Barry, full of anger and regret lately, let his fists do the talking in Fair City. When he interrupted an intruder, AKA Decco, stealing money from The Station, he thumped the living daylights out of the young man. Decco managed to crawl away but the next day we saw that Barry had given his face something of a make over. He's an ugly begger so, in a way, it worked in his favour. Later in the week, the Bishop paid Barry a visit and began to threaten him, announcing he knew he was hiding a secret and he would soon find out what it was. Bet he'll be shocked to learn that his brother was part of a murder. In other news, Orla told Keith she was sick and tired of their relationship, or lack off. Annoyed that she was playing second fiddle to an inflatable ball (which will sound familiar to a lot of ladies out there) Orla gave her fellah an ultimatum, either he make more of an effort or that's it, she's gone - something I'm surprised she's only saying now. It all came about after she tried to bring Keith to an event but he ended up moaning for the whole night. Then Keith suggested that they go on a weekend away and, at first, Orla was delighted. However, it didn't last long as she found out that Finn would be tagging along and they would be going to a football match. Then the fireworks began. By the end of the week, the pair had decided to try a blind date (with each other) to try inject some much needed excitement into their partnership. Elsewhere, Leo started having a midlife crisis and joined Pilates in an attempt to make him look young to folk, while Esther and Charlie disagreed over their ideas for the Bealtaine Festival.

Ronnie returned to the square in Eastenders, and Roxy was the only person happy to see her. Understandable after what she did. Alfie and Kat were the first to be informed of her return by the police, on the day of Tommy's christening, but they failed to let Jack know so he found out when he arrived at Roxy's flat and found her standing in the living room. His already unstable emotions went into over drive and once he had calmed down, he returned to see his ex. Naturally, she was 'asleep'. Yes, she pretended to be in dreamland as he lay beside her stroking her head, telling Roxy that he was unable to move on from her. Then, later in the week, Kat paid her a visit and let go of every feeling she had buried deep inside and let rip at Mrs Branning; I felt somewhat happy that she did, I mean, we were all doing it from our couches and finally, Kat had her time. Over in the Masoods, Zainab and her hubby kindly gave Tamwar and his new wife the Argee Bhajee. As they got the place ready for the grand opening, Masood and Zainab rekindled their love for each other and started distributing flyers for the restaurant in The VIc, so Ian decided that was the opportune moment to tell everyone that Jane and the postman had an affair. Ok, not in so many words but it was pretty evident what he was getting at. This all came about after Jane took the Cafe from her ex in their divorce settlement hearing. While we're on the subject of Jane, I know she's pregnant in real life (as her bump is massive) but has she put baby weight on her lips, they look fit to burst. In some other Jane related news, her brother Christian and Syed met with an adoption agency but it didn't go according to plan.

In Emmerdale, Amy made contact with Victoria and asked for some money as she was in desperate need of cash. Not made of money, Victoria asked her new squeeze Alex to help her out. So, armed with the cash, she met her friend in a cafe but neither of them were aware that David was watching them. When Victoria left, David made his move but Amy made it clear that if he wanted his name to be cleared, he would have to pay for it, literally. Thankfully (and I wasn't sure if he would do so) he confided in his father, who decided to test the young girl and see where her priorities lay. He paid her a visit (that cafe got a lot of business outta them lot), waved five hundred squids in her face and said she could take the money and run or, return home to him and Val. She did what was expected of her and took the money. An upset Pollard returned home and plucked up the courage to tell Val what had happened,but just as he did, Amy made a dramatic entrance. To wrap up this very long explanation of what happened; Amy told Val the truth but told David that she was going to make trouble for him. Jimmy got more flashbacks and realised that Nicola was the woman for him but she had gone beyond the point of reconciliation, and announced that she wanted a divorce. Finally, Holly went on a bender; Adam was playing with fire, while in bed with Ella; and Debbie was treading dangerous ground when she gave Cameron some money to give to his estranged wife for maintenance.

Finally, I thought I'd save the best for last, Coronation Street. John's web of lies finally caught up on him, but it was apparent he was willing to kill again if he had to, to stop Fiz from finding out about his past killing spree. Chesney informed his brother in-law that he knew all about his double life and that he was 'engaged' to Charlotte, so he started asking about what happened to Joy Fishwick. Then Charlotte's parents arrived on the street and were perplexed as to why 'Colin' was living where Charlotte died. After convincing them to go back to their house to chat, Mrs Hoyle found out John's real identity and it all ended with them and Chesney being tied up in their basement with John waving a cricket bat in their faces. Why does everyone go for the cricket bat? Meanwhile, Katy was confiding in Anna that her morning sickness was starting to take its toll not knowing that Faye, the possessed child, was ear wigging in and ran off to tell Owen he was going to be a granddad. He flipped and went on a warpath. Of course, Chesney was otherwise engaged at the Hoyle's to come to his girlfriend's rescue. Finally, the week ended badly for Kevin after he had an accident at the garage and ended up trapped under a car. Partly Tyrone's fault as he damaged the new lift they got in.