In Fair City, Ringo and Keith went to blows over the paternity test. You see, apparently Keith had it off with Gloria's mum for a few months while Ringo only had a one night stand. But neither of them could really come to terms with that fact that they could be fathers. They ended up having a scrap, head butted each other and called one another names. Gloria saw this and decided it no longer mattered who impregnated her mum. Elsewhere, McAleer came back in full swing with Annette.  For the woman solicitor it turned out to be a rough week. First off, she chickened out of telling Barry that she had shacked up with his boss, then Yvonne and Louie got on her ass after some previous mistakes she made with her work. She was probably locked the whole time, that's why.

In the cobbles of Coronation Street, the focus was on David and Tina. Gary Windass was up in court for battering David, and Tina was the key witness. For some weird reason, yer man Gary has actually gotten better looking since his first scene. I'm not saying he's Brad Pitt or anything, just that he's a little cute. Tina got a touch of reality on the stand, realising that she could not let an innocent man go to prison. It ended with David shouting his mouth off and blaming everyone else for what happened and not himself. As per usual - me, me, me, me, me. Elsewhere, at the corner shop, Norris had a bag of compost fall on him. Fear not, he was ok.

Last week, in Emmerdale, Debbie stood in the dock awaiting her fate to be decided by a judge and jury. It was all very tense really, that was until Jasmine burst through the doors screaming "Nooooo, Debbie didn't kill him... I did". So the two birds shed a tear and the judge called a recess, and that was that. Weeks of it going on and on, and it was over in a nano second. In other comical news, Nicola was convinced Jimmy was really filthy rich and began to get her hands on his cash. As she prepared to head to Switzerland with Jimmy to withdraw money from an account, she was brought down to earth like a lead balloon by Mr. King after he revealed that they were headed on a haulage job instead.

Finally, Eastenders didn't change from the week before. Only kidding. Jean arrived back in the square and Callum decided to meddle in the mother/daughter relationship between herself and Stacey. He must of thought that he could do anything after the two had an old canoodle. However, Stacey was not to keen on it and ended up having a go at him. Callum then threw his messed up past on her lap, which made her feel sympathetic towards him, and then he left. See ya! Danielle came back after her Dad kicked her out. And Peggy got humiliated in the Vic with a semi naked picture of herself, thanks to Janine. That was funny.