They’ve been saving it all year folks, as the fireworks were finally lit on Fair City. The double wedding was approaching quicker than Pat Kenny to the RTE cafeteria at lunch time, but it was never going to go smoothly was it!? Well, who could’ve predicted the timely demise of Gina, and Ray ending up lying o a hospital bed, huh? See, he thought that driving off with Gina on a motorbike with a sidecar would be a great idea. Oh how wrong he was… Gina ended up being the obligatory end of year casualty, while Ray will now be involved in a storyline that is likely to go on until 2010. Hey, at least the probable physiotherapy may cause him to lose a few pounds. Well that and the crippling depression. Or do people comfort eat in situations like that!? It’s Ray, so we’ll probably go with the latter. On Emmerdale, poor Ross was paying the ultimate price for banging Donna, as it looks like he may be charged with the murder of Shane. Jasmine had previously been called into the fuzz and almost crumbled under cross examination from some pretty stupid police officers. See, a whole other storyline led to Victoria ending up in the lake and seeing a dead body, then having nightmares about said dead body. Naturally, everyone thinks she’s mental, because, frankly she is. But when the shit hit the fan about Donna and Ross partaking in all that illicit riding, Marlon, in a fit of rage, told the fuzz about Shane blackmailing Ross and Donna. Death, despair, and lots of sex; Emmerdale is still the best soap on the box… Eastenders on the other hand is about as much fun as a reverse vasectomy without an anaesthetic. Granted, that Suzie one going all vixen-like last week and nicking Phil’s money was damn good fun, but it all went down hill from there. And Jesus, no one wants to see that morbidly obese one beg for food on Christmas. We have to look at Concern ad’s during the breaks for Christ sakev- again, no one wants to see that. Although, skinny Pat burning all the money was good fun, and In the murky midst of a recession no less. On Corrie over Christmas, Steve and Becky kept sneaking off as Michelle just assumed that her boyfriend was being his usual deadbeat self. And, well, he was, but he was still hatching his cunning plan to be a complete bastard in the hope that she would bin him and he could then grow old with resident drain-on-the-state Becky. On New Years Eve Liz and Lloyd were reunited to ring in the new year in alone. Quite frankly, that’s f**king disgusting. Who the hell wants a visual of Liz and Lloyd rubbing creases? Anyhow, elsewhere, Tyrone and Molly had a bit of a relationship crisis and Tyrone vowed to win her back in true ugly bloke fashion. Good for you Quasi