On Emmerdale this week we saw Donna trying get her marriage back on track with Marlon, and maybe the whole Shane saga coming to an end with Wednesday having a one hour slot on our telly. She headed to the Dingles' for Zac's birthday, terrified that she'll be thrown out, but she's not. However, she spotted a bag in the barn that waws the exact same as the one Shane was found in. So she set out to investigate. Eli was then arrested and his van was taken away for forensic investigation. Debbie and Jasmine were up to their old tricks of getting it on. Obviously burying a dude has brought them closer together. Eli was released from Jail and headed straight to Marlons to spill that his wife has been seeing Ross behind his back again. When he confronted Donna, she couldn't lie and admitted it. So Marlon laid it on the line that they're well and truly over. Divorce is FINALLY on the cards here. Oh, and Jasmine blabbed to Laurel about her being the killer, or something.

On EastEnders, It was mostly about Janine this week. She tried to get Billy to get rid of little Jay, poor unwanted sucker. Billy, however, is now more concerned with finding a job to feed the little Phil Mitchell wannabe. Pat and Janine planned their holiday together (that'll be a barrel of laughs, I'd say) so Janine headed off to rob Peggy's purse to fund the trip. Tanya began to get her life and family back on track. She kicked Max out and gave both him and Jack the cold shoulder, even though they were the ones who took care of the kids - sound Tanya, SOUND! Jack offered his brother a room in his flat so it meant Max was in the local argue with the ex over who's to blame for Lauren leaving the nest. That would be both of you - first dad has a sordid affair, then mum goes off with the uncle (imagine if their daughter knew about the whole 'buried alive' fiasco?) But Lauren agreed to meet with her mum and told her again that she does not want to come home. Dot and Dotty bond over homework..o fun! But there is an ulterior motive as mini Dot has started to plot with her Dad to get more money off the old bat.

On Corrie, Michelle moved in with Maria, who is still banging on about Tony (thankfully Maria keeps a lid on things until Michelle hightails it to Ireland). Tony admitted to Maria that he killed Jed, and no one believes her when she landed into the pub like a crazed bat out of hell (did anyone notice the pillow case shoved under her top? Recession must be hitting the costume department.) Becky pledged her commitment to Jason, while Steve was still trying to win her back. Dev continued to be unhappy re the Tara giving Amber a car situation. Joe continued to work for Bill at the yard, but as all lies are never hidden in soap land, Gail found out and got really worried (I honestly don't think anyone cares about Gail's love life anymore). Then, when some copper pipes were stolen from the yard, Jason was quick to point out Joe could be a prime suspect considering his financial woes. David, on the other hand, was on the warpath as he smelt the handiwork of a Windass.

Fair City saw Lara run into her mate Zumo, which led to her getting misty-eye for her old life. Turlough found out that Renee and Bob were quite well off - feel someone is about to get fleeced here. Keith, meanwhile was still on the hunt for the €100 that he leant Turlough (buddy, you're not getting that back). Jo had a go at Barry and told him that he got off very lightly in relation to Gina's death.