Coronation Street saw lots more drama last week. First off, it was Steve and Becky's big day. Of course the bride was still hung up on the curse of Friday 13th. She was constantly worrying that the day would have one dark cloud hanging over it. With Steve declaring his love for the soon to be Mrs McDonald in front of a packed pub, it still didn't stop Becky from getting plastered in her Jordanesq giant wedding dress. In other news, David continued his quest on blaming his physopathic ways on others. Tina saw that the boy was utterly crazy and did the clever thing and dumped his overly bronzed ass. But that's not all she had to deal with, it all came out that her Dad took a bribe from uncle Windass so that he could get some work.

Val began her conquest to get Diane to retire in Emmerdale. When herself and Pollard decided to sell part of the pub to Mark so that Maisie would be a content daughter. But when people go sneaking behind others back you know that they will get caught. So, Natasha headed to Diane and spilled the beans on what her other half has been up to, the landlady decided to teach her sister a lesson and sold to Rodney. Elsewhere, Victoria continued to snog the pants of Aaron which made Andy and Daz very angry indeed. All we need now is for her to get preggers and that'll be the icing on that cake.

In Eastenders, it was a short week due to comic relief, but alas that didn't stop the residents being absaloute twats. First off Ronnie and Roxy got mistaken as prostitutes when they began arguing on the street over Jack and the baby and the credit card, never let a man come between two sisters. Elsewhere, Jay came back and managed to rope Billy into his scam of selling out of date food from the minute mart. Has anyone noticed how tall Jay is now? He must have been taking growing pills when he was away! Finally we saw Tanya and Ian trying to bond, which was very awkward looking.

Finally, we look back at Fair City. The core subject this week was around Barry's courtcase. Now, just to refresh a few weeks back. The ex principal said to Niamh that he would be pleading guilty and needless to say the family were more then happy and saw it as a sort of compensation for their mothers death. However, Alco Annette legged last week with a bottle of vodka in hand and a worried Barry was a little frantic as he admitted that he still loves her. To bide some time so that he could hopefully save her, again, he ended u pleading not- guilty, thus putting his trial off for another few weeks. Elsewhere, Tracey and Dominic came back and things still hadn't changed in the bedroom department, *hurrrl**