Last week in Coronation Street, Becky woke up with the mother of all hangovers and couldn't remember anything from her wedding day, seen as she was polluted drunk. Steve failed to tell her the truth about the day, and when she found out that they didn't get married she got upset. In an effort to win her around and still go on hooneymoon, he brought her to a Chinese restaurant. Liz and Llyod arrived and the two blondes had a huge fight with some shell less lobster ending up on Liz's pumped up baps. Funniest fight in the world, especially when Liz grabbed Beckies cheeks. Elsewhere Gail was a happy little hamster with Joe back, but evil eyes David was not impressed and headed off to his Dad's.

In Eastenders, Peggy collapsed while having a debate with a fellow councillor and Archie tried to get her to step down form the election. But Archie had more trouble to deal with when he realised that Danielle is Ronnie's daughter after he spotted her wearing a locket with a picture of her mum in it. Max went through Tanya's address book and ended up with the details of Laurens foster carer. He ended up bringing her home and stared to berate her with a number of questions on his daughter. In other news, Chelsea invited Theo to a family dinner.

There was a randy teenager on the loose in Emmerdale. Aaron brought Victoria to Debbie's empty house and tried it on, as she knocked him back she also realised that he was a virgin. A humiliated Aaron ended up trashing the house. The Wylde's had a frantic search for Will after he went missing on a family camping trip, but was found safe and well by Jimmy. However, Mark began thinking that the move to the dales was the wrong one.

And finally in Fair City, Dominic was still being an ass with Tracey. He didn't find a job so she got one for him in the pub but working under her didn't really impress him. Paddy's Day was the highlight with practically the whole of Carraigstown getting drunk and waking up with killer hangovers, namely Heather and Jo, the later embarrassed that she tried it on with Brendan.