So, Tony Gordon was a very busy man last week in Coronation Street, what with having a few panic attacks at the thought of seeing his soon to be ex-wife, Carrrrrlagh, but it was only Rosie sporting one his wife's very long black cardigans, then he tried to get over it all by sleeping with Natasha, the newest member of Audrey's salon. If you are hoping to catch up on it, look forward to watching her seduce the factory boss by asking questions about his wife, allegations of murder being thrown at him and then making the man cry. I could think of other ways she could try get men into bed. Elsewhere, Peter kept on drinking/being a very irresponsible father.

In Fair City, Tracey refused to say that her marriage was over. It shouldn't have even begun if you ask me. Carole had the same sentiments but she was determined to give the relationship one last chance, by going to see a councillor. Dumb Dominic went along with the idea but ended up storming out of the session. Things went from bad to worse at the end of the week when the glass collector lost his temper and threw his fists around. As they say, can't teach an old dog new tricks. Meanwhile, Leo attempted to lure a woman to his boudoir *gag* with his romantic charm. It did not go according plan, however.

Emmerdale saw the return of Debbie last week. She had a very tearful reunion with her daughter after Andy decided to allow her supervised visits. She also went on a little trip back to prison to see her banged up bird, declaring "I'll wait for yaw, Jas, I love yaw", only to be told not to bother. Of course, Jasmine (doesn't she look weirdly like a Ribena berry?) did it in a nicer way then that. Maisie managed to get Marlon to pretend to be her boyfriend. You could say "whoever believes that is a fool and blind", although both his previous wives have been quite pretty, so, go figure.

Finally, Eastenders saw Angry Archie try and keep the big secret at bay. Danielle wrote a wedding card to Peggy signed "from your granddaughter", but he tore it up. He was then met with an ultimatum, tell the truth or face the consequences. Janine (who's been given a fringe, thank God) took care of little Tiffany for the afternoon to try dupe some prospective customer called Rupert into thinking they were mother and daughter, by way of some kind've playdate/cab contract. When Rickaayyy found out, he blurted out that he is Tiffany's dad.