There were a few tears in Eastenders and most of them were from Ronnie. Herself and Phil decided to have a few too many vodkas, making her late for her own niece's christening. Of course, when she eventually arrived at the church, her sister was horrified about her state and ran off... crying. When Jack went to comfort the mother of his child, Roxy obviously took this up as him trying to come on to her and tried to kiss him. Of course she did. However, more tears were to come. Ronnie walked in and saw the whole ordeal unfold before her very eyes. She ended up contemplating taking a bottle of pills but then realised that running away was the better option. Phew *wipes brow*. And so we ended up seeing Jack charge frantically through the airport, to try and stop his true love. That pair have more ups and downs then a yo yo. Oh, and Heather continued to think about the small person growing inside her and how she was going to tell the dad her options. So is it Billy, Gary, Minty and Darren? What's the point, we all know Phil fiddled with her while he was half asleep.

In Coronation Street, Ken just could not make up his mind. Martha, Deirdre, Martha, and finally Deirdre. Even though he prides himself on his intellectual ability, the ex-school teacher just could not make his mind but, eventually, after pulling a beer mat from The Rovers out of his pocket, he realised that his home was on the cobbles. Meanwhile, Deirdre was oblivious as to what was going on and failed to notice his letter on the side table. However, when she eventually found out she remained surprisingly calm, unlike her mother who packed her bag and moved out. Eileen decided that it was time to visit her dad and was very upset with how bad his condition really was, but couldn't find it in her heart to forgive him.

In Emmerdale, Nicola found out that she had a bun in the oven. Seeing as herself and Jimmy weren't the best of friends, her attempt at breaking the news fell like a lead balloon. David and his dad went head to head on a debate. After Pollard sailed through his, given his experience with public speaking, David seemed to stumble over his words. In came super hero Leyla to the rescue *da da de da da da* But his dad was not going to leave it at that, and enlisted Nathan to get Leyla on side and exploit her weak spot - cash. Elsewhere, Bob's business almost left his hands, but due to Brenda's intervention, and wad of cash, he pulled the lot from the auction.

Finally, in Fair City, Mick began to intimidate Carole to leave the book alone. As they shared a cup of coffee in Rainbows, he slipped a tranquiliser in to her drink, causing her to slowly lose all feeling in her body. When Ali arrived to the flat, she was not too happy with his method of persuasion. Realising that he means business, Carole told Heather she wanted nothing more to do with the book. As an argument erupted, and Brendan found out that Mick had stolen his wife's laptop, he called Deegan who ended up cautioning Carole. Turn around of events, eh? Well, angry and bitter, she then decided to report a murder to the Gardai (obviously she meant Brendan). Finally Damien and Suzanne realised that they shared different opinions on their idea of a family.