Coronation Street had the pleasure of seeing Dev's private parts on show at Victoria Square, courtesy of Tara. However, as she pulled the curtain down, he was only in the middle of popping the question to her. Ouch! But if that wasn't enough of a crucifixion for his cheating antics, Amber was mortified and moved out. Well, he'd better get used to it since she's heading off to college. Jason brought Colin home from the hospital after he tried to check himself out. Eileen was not so keen on having him there and refused to forgive him for what he did. She'll regret that. In some light-hearted news, Norris had to fight off the only woman that has EVEERRRR shown some kind of interest in him. She even camped outside his gaf in her camper van. Yes, I am talking about that yolk of a woman who calls herself Mary. While she attempted to try third base with the shop worker, he got the hebee jebees and legged it quick smart. When trying to get over that, he then had to contend with his half-Ramsay arriving on the cobbles......the best part is, it's Andrew Sachs!!!

In Eastenders, Stacy went loop de loop. She pretended to pay the leccy bill for the Slater's but ended up on a wild night out. Then she decided it would be a good idea to hook up with a stranger, and refused to open the stall the next day. Oh dear. She was then faced with the consequences; her stall was closed by the market inspector. So, what next? Well you would think that she would try and sort her job out. But nooOo; next stop was to tell Tanya that herself and Max were back on (just in case you're thinking that you missed something, she's only fibbing). When Jean was called to calm her down after throwing a fit in the beauty salon, she came to the conclusion that her daughter could possibly have bipolar. Elsewhere, Peggy tried to tell Phil that she loved him just as much as she does Grant. This subject is brought up at least once a year.

It was a fairly quiet week in Emmerdale. It turned out that Cain was a police informant when he took the wrap for Eli and Aaron's new scheme, and Debbie was not too pleased that he went against the Dingle code. Yeah, especially since they're such a moral family, and all. Leyla finally realised why Nathan gave her the job in Home Farm. His true colours were revealed when he said he would make a large donation to her mum's care home fees in exchange for her sabotaging David's Council campaign. Oh, the swine; he was supposed to be the nice guy. Nicola had a doctor's appointment and, when she saw the scan of her baby, she told Laurel that she wanted a termination. Not knowing what to do, Laurel told Rodney what was wrong with his daughter. The two tried their best to talk Nicola out of her decision.

Finally, in Fair City, the fat Buddha looking knacker called Zumo continued to make threats to Deegan regarding the tape he has. Sarah ended up finding out about everything that had happened and was not too pleased with all the corruption in the Gardai. However, Ian eventually convinced her to help Deegan out, and the two end up getting one over on Zumo. Somehow I don't think he'll let them away with it. Meanwhile, Damien moved in with Keith and Robin, and the latter was not too happy with the boisterous male behaviour. But she did get some good news after meeting her ex-fiancé at a go-karting tournament - he ended up asking her to Cork! OOooo last of the big spenders eh, he could have asked her to Paris, or New York, but instead, Cork (no offence Corkonions!) Finally, Brendan began taking some pills again to try and deal with his stress.