Twas a mixture of tears of joy and tears of sadness this week in Coronation Street. First let's have the sad news. After Paula told Eileen and Colin that she was heading to report him for abusing her in her yester years, he got it into his head that he could leg it to London. However, after much arguing between himself and his first daughter, he thought it was time to face the music. However, when the police arrived, he had passed away on the couch. At his funeral, Eileen was not pleased that Julie had purchased a wreath spelling out 'DAD', she also ended up pushing her new sister out of the way and decided to do her own eulogy. Elsewhere, Norris was having serious issues with Ramsay and refused point blank to have any civil relationship with him. Fiz meanwhile, blurted out to John that she loved him, that was all before she realised Chesney had followed her to the Jail. He obviously legged it. In some good news, Michelle had two blokes vying for her attention and then she got the offer to travel with a band.

In Eastenders, Nick continued to try and make his mother turn batty by secretly inviting Peggy to lunch, changing her doctors appointment and then hiding her pills. Oh he's a nasty one isn't he?! Apart from all that, he kept on blackmailing Billy. When the reject Mitchell got drunk, he decided to steal from Phil. No need to point out that it was a bad idea. As all Mitchell's stick together and all that crap, Phil kidnapped Nick and bundled him into a barrel. He was left tied up for Billy to have his wicked way and get his own back. Of course he let him go. Meanwhile Jay was having a hard time trying to cope with the fact that the court case of his dads killers was pending, then Billy told him the truth about that night that he hid in the shower clutching a steel pole and never came out to try and help Jase. Stacey continued to act out of sorts and ended up stopping out all night and no one could find her.

In Emmerdale, resident Dr Evil, Cain decided to tell the Social Welfare officer about Andy's violent past with Jo, however Debbie was furious as she didn't want anything to jeopardise her custody battle. And rightly so. In other Cain news, he let Mark know that he knew he was hiding a secret of some sort, now, obviously he doesn't know what exactly, but god it was funny to watch. Speaking of Mark, himself and Natasha decided to renew their wedding vows. All week Pollard was troubled with Lizzie embarrassing him at a council function and also by her interrupting a very important business meeting. That was the least of his worries. When he was brought to hospital with chest pains, it turned out that he had a heart attack, a minor one, but enough to make Val try and convince him to quit the election.

Finally let's have a wee look at Fair City. Both Heather and Brendan spent some time in the company of Deegan, in an interview room. She was told that what happened with herself and her half brother, was against the law and Brendan would be faced with the accusation that jealousy was the reason behind him giving Floyd the lethal injection. It all proved too much for the doctor and he ended up get plastered on some JD (he's hard core) and also went back to taking some pills to "calm his nerves". To think that all this was dragged up because of a book, *rolls eyes to heaven*. Robin finally decided that it was time to leave Carraigstown. Her ex convinced her to move down to Corcaigh and start a new venture with him. At first she wasn't sure but after getting blanked by her mates, oh, wait, she never had any, well that basically made her mind up. She won't be missed.