Eastenders saw justice for Jase's death last week. Terry Bates wife decided to step in and threaten Billy not to testify against her hubby, and if he did, little Jay was going to be harmed. Of course Terry's gang decided to keep Jay hostage in the flat and Billy burst in to save the day as he couldn't wait for the police. When they did arrive, the gang were arrested and Billy headed off to give his evidence. Nick got scared when Syd moved in with Dot as it could have ruined his "lets send my mother potty so I can kill her" plan. However, it kind of worked in his favour, as Syd told Bradley that Dot could be suffering from dementia. As he strongly told her that this was untrue, his Gran walked into the Cafe in her best bed clothes. Zainab and her long lost friend, Brusha, tried to match make Syed and one of Brusha's daughters named Parveen. When he saw a picture of her, he didn't hold back on the criticism, not knowing that the girl was right behind him. Stacey remained on the loose, with no one knowing where she was, and Ronnie told a surprised Jack that she wanted to make some babies.

Fiz had a tough week in Coronation Street. First up Chesney gave her an ultimatum and she had to choose between her brother and the physco ex boyfriend John. She then had to deal with a screeching Sally pulling at her and screaming in her ear accusing her of being involved in Rosie's kidnap. Fiz then wrote a letter to John, but he tore it up before he opened it. Chesney then told his sister that he was heading back to school and, to put the icing on the cake, told her he wanted nothing to do with her anymore. In some male mocho news, Peter and Luke continued to fight for Michelle's affection, the former ended up winning when he rescued Ryan from Sian's crazy dad. David's plan was falling into place when Gary wanted in on a "burglary". Finally, Norris shook hands with his brother, but was in the heat of the moment of wining the table quiz, exciting stuff!!

In Emmerdale, we found out what the whole secret was with Faye and Mark. It turns out that the sneaky sod is a fake. He is not actually called Mark and he was declared dead by his wife, Faye! Oh wow. When the wedding vow ceremony arrived, he got scared and gave a very touching speech to Natasha after he saw Faye sitting at the back of the church. She sat still and realised that her former husband, who I think is really called Danielle, actually loves his fake wife, so she left all alone. Jimmy went and asked Rodney for Nichola's hand in marriage since he knew about the bun in the oven and she accepted but still kept the secret from him, well supposed secret. Gennie and Bob found themselves attracted to one another after she saved her boss from a box in the community hall after Belle set off the sprinklers.

Finally, as always, Fair City, same baloney as usual. God, it's the worst soap to write about, I'd rather listen to nails being scraped on a blackboard then talking about this crap. But, nonetheless, I'll do my best, *Sighs*. Heather and Brendan were told that they were bad parents, especially when Eleanor went missing on Christy's watch. Deegan gave the shop keeper a friendly caution but himself and Jo yapped on about her parents.  Robert then convinced his cousin to tell the Gardai exactly what he did to Floyd so to free himself from his guilt. Elsewhere, resident hobo Cass convinced Damien 'the door knob' to buy a barbeque off him. Of course Suzanne went crazy when she found out, but it didn't help when she saw her furniture from Rainbows in the front garden and everyone having some beers around them. Let's just say she had a few stern words with Cass.