David began his evil campaign last week in Coronation Street. When Audrey and Gail left for Paris, he hid Joe's painkillers for the laugh, but, Joe didn't find it funny when he was in pain and ransacked the house in search of them.  He then took his grans house keys and proceeded to hide all traces of Audrey in her house for the set up robbery to get Gary sent down (while laughing at a painting of Alfie in his councillors outfit). However, on the day of the robbery David convinced Gary to do the deed alone and got Graeme to hide outside and call the police when he entered the house. When Ted arrived Gary ran passed him and David was smug that he was recognised until Ted got pains in his chest. Elsewhere, Peter and Luke tried to convince Michelle to stay as they professed their love for her, but she said no to both of them. Peter then struggled with his drinking problem as a result and almost downed a bottle of Blanch's sherry but, resisted the temptation. As he sat down with his father he soon realised that he really does have a problem.

Over in Emmerdale, Andy got it in his head that he could run away with Sarah so that he wouldn't loose her. However Debbie ended up calling over and he held her hostage until Cain burst in. On the day of the custody hearing he made a shock announcement by withdrawing his application for custody. Good news for Debbie but she then felt guilty and tried to build bridges with him as she realised that Sarah needed her dad in her life. Lexi began trying to make some babies with Carl but ended up annoying her husband with lessons on how to eat properly to increase their chances on conceiving. After taking advice from Scarlett, she decided to leave it be and let it happen naturally. On the election front, David won the campaign and Pollard told him he would have his full support and guidance should he need it. Finally, Aarons dog went missing and Andy locked it in a barn thinking that it was a stray, he obviously didn't think of the RSPCA.

In Eastenders, Dot came very close to getting to heaven as Nick told Dotty that she had to plant the pills into her grans food but realised that it was wrong and instead but it into Nicks bottle of beer. When he realised this, a terrified Dotty ran to confess all as her dad collapsed. But the drama didn't end there, he grabbed her from the laundrette and bundled her into a car. Due to the fact that he was still drugged up he swayed around the square (and should get the award for the worst actor EVER at the next soap awards for that scene), crashed into a stall and locked himself and a number of others in the cafe. As a struggle ensued, a pan went on fire. Everyone escaped leaving Nick on the ground. Bradley thought he was some form of super hero and went back to save him but ended up getting seriously injured himself and Nick slipped through the back door.  Dawn convinced Phil to give her a job in the pub and the two got on swimmingly. If that leads to what I think it will, I'll seriously wonder about those script writers.

Finally in Fair City, Cass crashed his van and slit his own tyres to try and get money out of the residents in Carraigstown. His plan worked but Troy saw him do the deed and tried to get him to tell the truth. The old man then headed off to the homeless shelter looking for a bed but was refused by Malachy who stated the obvious, he wasn't homeless. Brendan was charged with the murder of Floyd after he confessed everything to the Gardai, much to Heathers dismay. Christy announced that he would put up bail no matter how much it cost. What I want to know is since when did he become mister Richie rich? Robert and Cleo have a first date but it goes very awkwardly.