In Emmerdale, it seemed that Andy was beginning to lose his mind. First off forgetting that he had locked Aaron's dog up in the barn, and then he moved feed for his animals around the farm in nowt but his undies. Then he began to repeat several jobs on the farm and even slept in, leaving the morning chores to Mick, who in frustration, resigned. Debbie was the bigger person when she asked Andy if he would go to Sarah's birthday party even with her family against the idea. Of course, he didn't go as he was too busy being a selfish d**k. Elsewhere, Cain was enjoying rubbing the King brothers up the wrong way and even dragged poor Scarlett into the whole mess. Fearing for her safety, Jimmy decided that he would accept the con man's offer on Carl's garage, behind his brothers back.  Finally, Cain continued his quest to get Maisie into bed and anger her father, and guess what?... It worked! He's good, I tell ya.

In Coronation Street, Maria had a small scare and was brought to the hospital by Sally. When Tony found out, he became all guilty again and decided to move in with her until the baby is born. David was very content in himself when Gary was arrested and Ted identified him as the man who broke into Audrey's house. However, when Gary was arrested by the police, he confessed all and even went round to see Audrey himself. Tina then soon became suspicious of her ex when she began asking questions, especially as to why Gary threatened to get his own back. David of course slipped up and was caught out in the end. Joe found out that he would not be getting any more painkillers for his back, which sent him into panic mode (so that's his new storyline now then; addicted to painkillers). Him and Peter should become friends and attend the AA meetings together. Finally, Poppy and Betty continued to argue, which is the most irrelevant storyline I've seen in the soap. Unless it turns out that Betty is some psycho killer and poisons Poppy with her hot pot.

Whitney's mum came back into her life in Eastenders and got her hopes up when she asked her to move to Greece with her to start a new life, but ended up shattering everything by then telling her she didn't want her to go. Debra then got itchy when she heard that a mystery person was looking for her. Ronnie kept on Jack's case about making babies and reassured him that she is only interested in some passion. But when they were getting down to the deed, she pierced a condom, unknown to him. Man trap!! Later she was caught by Roxy while minding Amy packing a suitcase. Chelsea was met by temptation at R&R when a footballer cracked on to her. Of course, she couldn't resist. Amira arrived back to the square and Syed was shocked to hear that she was homeless and her dad wanted nothing to do with her. His answer to the problem? Hide her in his wardrobe, of course.

Finally in Fair City, Paul became the bad cop with the staff at the garage and also became increasingly jealous over Leo and Niamh's past relationship. Malachy and Cass argued like a pair of kids. After Cass punched the ex priest and refused to apologise (even after Ian got involved), Malachy announced that he would be bringing him to the civil court. Dermot realised that he was late in handing in the paper work for the new computers and, when Barry found out, Dermot revealed that he would put forward the cash himself. As he didn't want Jo to find out and wanted to cover the serious drop in his bank balance, he convinced her to donate the money for their holiday to the community centre. Finally, a call came from Lara who has had her baby.