In Eastenders, Max and Tanya  got slightly randy and it appeared that a reunion was on the cards. Make up your mind woman, you love him, then hate him, then fancy him, then hate him again - to be honest, it's getting boring. Anywho, on his very brisk walk to the shops for some *ahem* contraception, he passed a very cut, bruised and disorientated looking Stacy. When Jean tried to get the truth out of her, as to where she has been for the past while, she maintained that she was working in a club but would not say how she got the injuries. Bradley made her week even worse by asking for a divorce. That girl is a walking time bomb. Denise got pissed in R&R and ended up knocking over Chelsea's bag and some drugs fell out. Of course the leggy one denied that they were hers, and ended up leaving Walford with her new footballer fellah, since no one believed her.

In Emmerdale, Mark met the son that he never knew he had, called Ryan. Said son is none other then James Sutton who used to be in Hollyoaks. For anyone that thinks he's a bit of hot stuff, well, you missed him half-naked. But he clearly didn't tone up for the role. Unaware that Mark is his old man, he went to Home Farm to warn Mark to stay away from his mother. Oh, just wait 'til he finds out. Cain also paid a visit to Mr Wylde, but it was to demand some money to keep his trap shut. Jimmy and Nicola continued to argue over their unborn child but there seemed to be a ceasefire for a while when the pending parents saw their bundle of joy during the scan. Nathan became a very scorned man when Katie knocked him back, in revenge he let her horses loose.

This may have been the best week of Rosie's life in Coronation Street, when she went to visit John. As a way of compensating for her terrifying kidnap ordeal, he offered her a load of money from the sale of his Granny's gaf. Being Rosie, she headed out on a bender but then came to the conclusion, with the help of Luke, to invest in the factory. You can only imagine what's going to happen with those two. Kevin's feelings for Molly continued to grow and there was a case of the green eyed monster when he thought she and Jason were having an affair. When Molly found out, she was stunned. Eileen decided it was time to take her love life into her own hands and brought Amy to the community centre to see Jesse in General Custard. And, finally, Becky's ex - appropriately called Slug - arrived in the pub.

And finally, closer to home, there was some kissing, some drug finds and a case of bullying in Fair City. Robert and Cleo eventually locked lips on the way home from their date, much to everyone's delight. Cass decided to take a rest in Malachy's car while it was in the garage for a service and used his tax disc as a skin for his "herbal" cigarette. In doing so he accidently left the lump of wacky tobacco in the glove box which was found by Ian. Of course, Doug ended up being fired. After a few days of literally bullying Leo, Paul saw the errors of his ways when his new business partner decided to sell his shares of the garage. The two ended up bonding at the bar in McCoy's. Kylie decided to help out Ali and sat her Irish exam for her.