In Eastenders, Whitney had the mother of all shocks. Yes, that strapping young mystery man, who is bringing some well-deserved and overdue eye candy to the streets of Walford turned out to be her long lost brother. She also found out what was in the envelope that her mum gave her. Said item was a knife that Ryan, the big brother, used in an assault, which he claims was for self-defense. Stacey went and had a go at Tanya and Max, and ended up in A&E with a cut on her forehead. Eventually, after a lot of screaming and looking for her shoes, the doctor and Jean managed to convince Stacey to talk to a counsellor, fearing that she could be bipolar. She then decided that she didn't need help and ran off back home. She clearly needs a wet fish across the face so she can wake up and realise her reality.

Maria was struggling with her parents-in-law in Coronation Street. Liam's parents flew all the way over from the Emerald Isle to meet their new grandson. However, after much interference, Maria snapped and blurted out the details of Liam's affair with Carla. As if that weren't enough, she announced that new baby Liam wouldm't be christened Catholic. But she wasn't the only one throwing her words around, as Helen branded Maria a slut, *gasps*. Ashley had the willies put up him when Claire went a little scatty. After she learned that she had lost her baby, panic set in and the memories of her post natal depression came flooding back. To make sure that it would never happen again, she ordered Ashley to get the snip, much to his fear. However, there's nothing like seeing the mother of your children wandering around the roof of a hospital to make you warm to the idea of a vasectomy.

In Emmerdale, Rodney's van crashed into Home Farm shop leaving a few people's lives in danger. One said villager was Ryan. When Mark realised that his son was inside, he quickly mustered up a rescue plan and dragged him to safety. Initially the blame finger was pointed at Aaron, of course, but he was backed up by John that it was not his fault. Terrified that he could have lost his job over this, Rodney confided in Diane who let him know that there would always be a job for him in the Woolpack. Meanwhile, Mark tried several times to get his estranged wife Faye to leave the village, but she kept her foot firmly on the ground and said no. Mark should really grow a pair of balls, that might do the trick.

Finally, in Fair City, it was the week of Barry's trial. As I'm sure everyone was aware by the awful ads that graced our screens on RTE. As if anyone cares, it's been 6 months now since the accident, a little drawn out maybe? Well, long story short, he got off scot free. The Cassidy family were not impressed, obviously. McAleer was determined to show up Annette's new husband and even hired a private detective. It turned out that he was a convicted killer, uh-oh. Maybe he'll eventually snap when he realises that he made the wrong move to Fair City and go on a killing spree and top everyone off? *gets on hands and knees and begs* Finally, in some uplifting news, Bella tried his Spanish on the customers in Vino.