On Fair City this week Carol realised that her life has not panned out like she hoped, especially after meeting "old friend" Farrell, who thought she was too good to be managing a corner shop. Elsewhere, Duncan found a potential flat to rent and went to see it with Sarah. On his way back, he broke Charlie Kelly's window after trying to kick a ball back to some children playing - he should've let Christy take it. Meanwhile, later in the week, Cass and Eileen decided to take photos of Jane and send them to a model agency behind Malachy and Dolores's back. When they're caught in the act, the two are scolded and kicked out of the house - what were they, titty shots? Down Emmerdale farm way, things reached boiling point this week for Lexi, as she goes bleeeeeeeeeedin meeeeental. When she's left holding baby Angelica (what a perfect name for Nicola's kid, it's going to be like Angelica from the rug rats), she snaps and takes the baby to the hospital roof. A frantic Jimmy, Nicola and Carl all try to coax her away from the edge. The sole purpose for this excessive and hyperbolic actions? Attention. You've got attention all right love, and a shitload of Zanex. Elsewhere, Nathan, still blind to the fact that his best friend is actually his half brother, decided to invite Mark for a drink with him and Ryan. Needless to say, the conversation is awkward as hell, kind've like this entire season of Big brother.  Meanwhile, Holly told Aaron that she doesn't fancy him, but it's clear she wants a bit of Sugden meat. Seeing as he hates not getting his own way, like the spoilt brat that he is, Aaron warns her about Andy smacking Jo around. Although, least we not forget, he only did it because he loves her... Down Albert Square way on Eastenders, Charlie put himself in harm's way as Brenda prepared to leave for Madeira (his ticker isn't the best, you see), while Ronnie resolves to make things work with Joel, whatever the consequences. Like him having a wife already, 'n stuff. That Ronnie should just start charging for it, she'd clear third world debt within a year. Elsewhere, Ricky and Roxy went on a double date with Bianca and Dr Jenkins (in true soap fashion). We're guessing the evening ends with a bit some after-the-cameras-have-cut-riding. Meanwhile, Mo is devastated as Charlie prepares to depart with Brenda, so she decided the best thing to do is to make her son-in-law's leaving party as uncomfortable as possible. Luckily, this did not involve seeing any of her saggy skin bits. On Corrie, Michelle and Ryan returned home, only to be confronted by Tony and Maria licking insides on the sofa. Michelle's was, naturally, furious and pointed out that Liam's barely cold in his grave, which is crap - he'd been dead on the inside for years, bless him. Tony tried to defend their actions but Michelle storms out in disgust, which she has really perfected at this point. Elsewhere, The McDonald family reunion ensured Steve and Becky's second wedding day goes like a dream - until they return to the Rovers and receive a nasty surprise courtesy two unconvincing coppers. The police search of the Rovers uncovered exactly what DC Hooch intended, and Becky was arrested for possession of drugs, even though she didn't do nowt. Steve wasn't exactly supportive, either.