Ronnie found out that Joel was a married man with three children in Eastenders. How did this come about? Well, after he began ignoring Ronnie's calls, she decided to confront him about it. He told her that Archie had paid him off and that he is extremely unhappy in his current life. Stephanie (the wife) confronted Ronnie telling her to stay away but he just couldn't resist and stayed the night in the pub. The next day Roxy and Ronnie began to argue and mentioned Danielle in front of Joel, which of course meant that he found out his daughter didn't die at birth. Dot received some good and bad news. Jim's career showed up revealing that her hubby would be returning home, so that's the good news. The bad news?, Mr Papadopoulos told her she had to retire. Being the trooper that she is, she ended up handcuffing herself to a drawer in the Laundrette. On a trip to wash her polka dots, Bianca found her neighbour, made the poor woman cry and then released her. Well not in so many words, but that was the gist. Oh and Syed spent the night with Christian and almost got caught by his ma.........just admit it already.

In Coronation Street, Kevin struggled with his feelings for Molly since herself and Tyrone returned from their holiday. As a way of "making things easier" he suggested that she pull out of the race, with her hands on her hips and her head rolling from side to side, she told him to take a run and jump. Obviously still feeling guilty about his fling with his best friends wife, he decided to build Sally's hopes up for a move to the country. Last week though, we saw David getting a right thumping, just deserved really. After sneaking into Tina and Jason's flat (while the builder was out), he thought he might take one last stab at winning over his ex. With another rejection firmly under his belt, he left for home, but, before he reached the front door BAMM, someone (who deserves a huge pat on the back) gave him a few digs. Was it Jason? Maybe it was Joe, seen as he was dumped; maybe it was a dark mysterious character coming back for revenge? *Que dramatic music* you'll find out soon enough.

In Emmerdale, Val though she would play a game of hide and seek while she stayed in the B&B with Terry helping her. She told Diane that she wanted out of the pub and the village. After saying her apologies for all the wrongs that she has done on her sister, bet that took a while, she left a letter for her and Pollard and set off for the airport. Thinking that it would be fun to see her loved ones reaction she turned back and began to enjoy hearing of her husband feeling miserable about her departure and enjoyed seeing the two fret about her whereabouts after calling Paul in Australia. Andy's past came back to haunt him once again. Hannah did a DIY makeover on his caravan, when he told her to hang around with people her own age she ran off in floods of tears. Naturally Moira thought the worst and instantly sacked the helping hand. Once she realised that Andy didn't lay a finger on her, she offered him his job back. Finally, Paddy began to wonder if he could trust Chas not to do the dirty on him with Carl when he was away on a Vet course.

Finally in Fairly Sh**ty, Carole thought her luck was in when Farrell's interest for her grew. The two went on a few dates and it looked like he was going to invest in her smoothie bar at Phelans's . She took him up wrong though and ended up giving him back the chain that he gave her. Meanwhile Christy was getting increasingly agitated with their relationship, and seemed happy when Carole told himself and Ali that she only puts out on the second date (classy). It seems that the old man may have an eye for his co-worker. Elsewhere poor Robert just couldn't grasp the concept of what a physical relationship meant. He picked up Orla's advice the wrong way and gave Leo a truffle as a 'Physical sign' of his affection. Bless him, he's a 40 year old virgin, he hasn't got a clue. In other news Bella, Yvonne and Suzanne continued to fight and things got worse when they found out that Yvonne's son Stephen is in care.