Who's the daddy?? That's the question on everyone's lips in Eastenders. The three penguins, Patrick Peggy and Pat threw Heather a surprise baby shower and the expectant mother was surrounded by lots of gifts and cash. She then entrusted Shirley with the money but, I don't need to point out that it was a bad idea and the ice cream lady spent it on drugs. Later Heather went into labour and gave birth to a baby boy named George Michael....after THE George Michael. Darren asked Libby to marry him, she said yes but as they celebrated in the pub, Denise arrived home from holidays. Just as she began having a hernia over the fact that Darren would be her son-in-law, she then found out that Owen was staying in Walford. Finally, Tamwar got drunk in the pub (after satins daughter, Lucy, spiked his drink) and he proceeded to lay the lips on Amira and ended with his cheek rather red, again.

Tony's eye was having an awful time with the return of Carla in Coronation Street. She had great timing and arrived on the day of baby Liam's christening. Calling him away from his godson and new wife to be, Tony and his former fiancé met at Liam's grave. She demanded that he leave and pass on his shares on the factory to her or she'd blab. Being evil and corrupt the Scottish native placed a call to Jimmy and ordered that Carla be dealt with, but when the two met, it was the murderer that ended up getting knocked out. Luke stole all of Rosie's money by conning her into buying more shares in the factory. Once the money had landed in his account he left. Soon, the bouncing brunette realised what had happened but it was too late. It was Molly's birthday and Tyrone thought it would be a great idea to get her a home gym. As soon as she tore the paper off the box, her first concern was how she would make excuses to see Kevin from now on.

Over in the English countryside, Mark finally admitted his feelings for Faye in Emmerdale. After telling his ex that he never stopped loving her he says that his marriage is over and agreed to end it once and for all. But, Natasha went and booked a romantic getaway for her and her hubby. Faye needless to say was raging and Mark was forced to lie to her on his return when she asked if they slept together. Meanwhile his son was playing havoc with poor Leyla, even though she totally walked her way into this predicament. After he got Leyla drunk at a gig the pair ended up having a snog and slept together. The next day full of regret, Leyla apologised for what happened but he let her know that he wouldn't forget their night together nor keep it secret forever and she would have to keep him sweet if she didn't want David to find out. Men, they're all the same *rolls eyes to heaven*

Bill and his terrible American accident continued to drive Annette to the vodka in Fair City. To make everyone believe that he was living with a drunken monster he constructed an "accident" ,now, I will point out that when I say accident, that's what the press release said. What he really did was reverse her car on to the curb, blocking the footpath outside the community centre, however, it did cause Barry and Dermot to have a frenzie panic attack. McAleer, having x-ray vision, saw right through Bill and his embarrassing accent. He wanted to continue with the free legal advice clinic and threatened to pull out should Dermot not reinstate it. Bill and McAleer came to a new arrangement and it was agreed that the businessman would pay Bill 100k to leave forever. Bill being greedy wanted more and lets just say that next week we will see some explosive scenes. Elsewhere, Malachy wanted to get Jane christened and Carole and Charlie continued to bicker over the position of Mayor