In Eastenders, Archie managed to look like a hero in Peggy's eyes after "putting out the fire" (that he started). After that kiss at the bar the pair decided to sneak around last week for fear of what their family would think. Eh, sure if that's an issue at the start that's saying something. But, their secret was short lived when Pat, showing she just as sharp as she looks, caught them out rapid. Ronnie and Roxy ganged up on their Aunt/Step- mum and she ended up calling her relationship off, again. But, *sighs*, Archie was determined not to let it end there and he blurted out that his Cancer was back and he was on his last legs. Ah the fake illness, works everytime and this is no exception. Elsewhere, Peggy wasn't the only Mitchell getting lucky as Ronnie and Owen got it on. Jane went away for some alone time and hopefully when she's in her happy place she'll realise that her husband is a plonker. Speaking of the idiot, he got drunk in the pub and had to be carried home and then he went and kissed Tanya after he thought that she fancied a piece of him. Finally last week, Lucy and Jay shared a smooch.

The Crop miester was having a mare of a week after Tony's confession in Coronation Street. He kept trying to convince the selfish factory worker to tell his fiancé that he did actually have her dead husband murdered and she wasn't going mad. But the crazy eyed Scotsman refused and ended up threatening Roy to keep his mouth shut and finally Hayley believed her hubby. This is going to end in a tear jerker. John the weirdo arrived back in Weatherfield and just as he was carrying his wife across the threshold, along cam Sally branding him a paedophile and pervert (she would need to get her facts straight seen as he never actually laid a hand on Rosie). If you missed it you were lucky as her screeching was enough to make your ears bleed. But she didn't stop there, when the coast was clear she decided that Fiz's house needed a lick of paint. Jesse and Julie were still working together behind Eileen's back but when Simon arrived at a party they were entertaining at, the pair were convinced that they would be found out.

Sally was determined to get rid of Laurel once and for all in Emmerdale. When the two ladies were doing some work in the parish an argument arose and Sally stormed out. But not before she placed a heater next to the curtains in a hopeful attempt to start a fire and then proceeded to lock to door behind her. When Laurel was met with the flames, she headed for the door but could not get out. Before she collapsed with all the smoke, she managed to ring the church bell in an attempt to get help. Ashley arrived and ran in to the church as Sally secretly unlocked the door without anyone noticing. Thankfully Laurel was ok, but it wasn't long until she realised that someone tried to kill her. Leyla decided David needed to know the truth and confessed everything. His reaction was one of anger and managed to question her morals after stating that she slept with Nathan for a pair of shoes. Tramp.

Finally it was a tense week in Fair City with Brendan's trial. There were tears, hugs, kisses and so much more. First off it turned out that the lawyer for the defence and the prosecution were husband and wife and were in the middle of a messy marital dispute. Christy took the stand for the defence but made Brendan's case look worse when he admitted that his son-in law punched Floyd in the stomach weeks before he died. Robert told the court how Brendan didn't even go to the police and it was him that forced him to confess that he gave the lethal injection. Heathers character was shown in a new light when Bob found a letter written by Floyd stating that he loved Heather but Brendan was going to help him to die and the doc was forced. So what did we learn? Heather would rather see her husband go down for murder so she could feel better that someone loved her. Sound! Elsewhere, Orla was offered a job with the Northside Post.