Finally our eyes and ears are to be given a well earned rest in Eastenders. Sam eventually left *jumps up and down clapping hands furiously*, after Archie offered her a wad of money to leg it. She just couldn't resist and ended up taking the money, leaving Ricky a note and jeopardised the money her family but up for the bail. Owen had a serious suspicion about Lucas's character. He firstly told Denise that he murdered Trina and even drafted his own mother in to help, but, she only came back with a report that the preacher was harmless. Never judge a book by its cover and Owen's a firm believer in that. Max was in a right financial pickle and ended up coning Heather into buying life insurance for George. As he passed the cash over to Phil, he revealed that it wasn't even close to covering his debt. Uh-Oh, could Tanya and Max be in for another break up?

Over in the Dales, Laurel woke up in hospital after the drama that unfolded in the now burnt out, Vicarage. While she was being cared for by the nurses, Sally was making herself very comfortable and tried to get her feet stuck firmly under the table. But, Laurel was soon released and this then unleashed Sally's evil side and she tried to kill Ashley's wife....again. In other news, David and Leyla had a chat and he admitted that he missed her and she vowed to make it up to him. Charity double crossed Carl and told him that she wasn't including him on her plan to take the money. Angry and betrayed, Carl told Cain about the plan, but he wasn't prepared to listen. Charity could almost smell the caviar but, her ex threw a spanner in the works and told her that he loved her. But Charity is a gold digger at heart and this only stopped her in her tracks for a few moments.....then she headed to the lock up and got her mitts on his cash. Finally last week, Lisa decided to become a life model for an art class.

Tony got what he deserved in Coronation Street and, we finally were closer to getting the closure we so badly needed. Here is how it all enfolded... Roy and Hayley began to fear for their lives and decided enough was enough and the police had to know about Tony's confession. The police then called Mr Gordan in for questioning but was later released as there wasn't enough evidence. When Maria found out from her fiancé what happened, she clearly didn't believe that he was innocent and memories of her behaviour and accusations from months previous came flooding back. Roy however, didn't let this interrupt his bat watching at the canal and, as he peered through his binoculars, Tony arrived and the pair fought with Roy ending up in the water struggling to stay alive. When Maria's in laws heard the news they caught the first flight over and told Maria that she should move to Ireland. Yay! In other news, Joe told Gail about the state of his money affairs.

Finally, in Fair City, the jury returned with a verdict of guilty but Brendan refused to show in court all week. This brought on Deegan and his men to conduct a man hunt for the fugitive who shaved his head at the end of the week and said an emotional goodbye to Heather and Eleanor. Let's just hope she doesn't stick around. Kylie convinced Tracey to let her rent her spare room, which took a while to do so why she didn't get the hint Tracey wasn’t enthusiastic from the start is beyond me but reiterates in my mind that Kylie is a plank. Well, her happy feeling didn't last for too long when she became jealous of how much her boyfriend and her step-mum got on. Love Triangle. Niamh and Paul went to the clinic to see why they aren't making babies. Sean was convinced his sister was heading to the hospital because she seriously ill, but when he found out the couples predicament he downloaded some info from Google, ('cause Google can make babies ya know) and gave it to her. Niamh put herself and Paul on a strict no meat, lets eat healthy diet to increase their chances of conceiving