Archie and Janine continued their vendetta on the Mitchells in Eastenders. Armed with a recording of their night of 'passion', Janine paid Ian a visit. She threatened to blab about his infidelity unless he signed over his loan to Phil and co to her and Archie, to which he did. Phil's going to flush his head down the toilet again when he finds out. Speaking of the old farts, he told Janine that he put her name down as beneficiary in his will. To which she replied with a kiss and a high pitched squeal, however, as the two canoodled, Billy was lurking and overheard their evil plan to send his family down. Elsewhere, Amira went to see her dad, Quadim, in prison and announced that she and Syed were getting married. He wasn't overly thrilled with the news and refused to contribute to the cost on the grounds that he doesn't trust her fiancé, and, let's face it, he's right not too. In other Walford news, Tony was found guilty on all charges and Whitney was certainly relieved.

In Emmerdale, Carl has turned into a crazy fool. He was determined to get his hands on HIS money. He attacks poor Debbie, first by locking her in her own garage, then carted her off to her home and finally, pushed her into her garden shed, where he showed how mean he could really be. But, Mama came to the rescue and hit the King over the head with a shovel. Scorned, he ran off. But then he became convinced Chas was involved and he turned on her. He became frustrated with the Dingle sorority code and gave her an ultimatum. Ashley continued to be depressed without Laurel. He did get a moment of joy when Laurel called, but only to talk to Gabby. Rodney stepped in and told Ashley that he was to pull up his socks and try bring some Christmas cheer to the house for his childers sake. Meanwhile, Sally was still acting cuckoo. On a visit with Edna to the vicarage she stole a family portrait, probable to stare at it in a damp cold dungeon as she stirs up some kind of evil love potion. Finally, Lisa was offered more money to pose nude in her art class.

In Coronation Street, Carla found out that Jimmy was still alive, we could have all told her that. Shocked with this news she also admitted to Michelle that she knew Tony had Liam killed and this obviously resulted in a scrap in front of the factory with the whole street watching. Shocking that you'd see that in Corrie. Upset and unable to think, Michelle sat on her couch visably shaken and upset. But, her son's 15 year old friend Ben was on hand and decided to lend her his lips to lean on rather then his shoulder. Wow, but, fair play to him for at least taking a shot at it. Sally surprised Kevin with a trip to Paris. He tried to get her to cancel but when he realised that she would loose more money, he reluctantly agreed. Needless to say he didn't bring up the subject with pudding face Molly. Finally, Gail showed a prospective buyer around the house and also set a date for her wedding.

Finally, let's have a gawk at Fair City. Still trying to get Kylie to break up with him, Dean got Louie to 'refuse' him a few days leave for her fathers unreal in London *yawns*. Seriously, how does she not get the message? I mean, having to actually beg your fella to stay and comfort you in your time of need, now come on, even the worlds dumbest person would see that something wasn't right. Anyway, by the end of the week, Dean and Tracey realised that they were being selfish and agreed to attend the funeral. Niamh found out that the IVF wasn't a success. At first she played it cool, telling Paul that she wasn't upset and wanted to build a bridge. While having lunch with Connie and Yvonne, Niamh couldn't help with becoming uncontrollably upset that Yvonne was with child while she was unable to conceive. Dolores and Lara continued to bicker over Jane and while the later got a trial job at the Hungry Pig, she became furious that Malachy and his house mate were reluctant to believe she had turned over a new leaf.