In Eastenders, Ian didn't have the best of weeks and made us all wonder if the worthless poor excuse for a man was capable of murder. Janine, who should win an Oscar for her acting lately, demanded £10,000 from him and in return she would keep quiet about the laptop he stole and threw in the canal. Of course, he didn't pay her the entire amount, so pissed off, Archie's ex tottled off to the police. Later Ian was arrested, questioned and then charged. Next person on Janine's torture list was Pat. Well, she might not have been a targeted victim but she felt the wrath of her evil behaviour. After the two butcher ladies had a row, Pat was left at her kitchen table clutching her chest and soon collapsed. Elsewhere, in the Vic, Peggy was overjoyed she was back behind the bar but, her nose was soon put out of joint when Roxy began showing she was the boss and even fired Tracey. But she was the only normal person in the whole of Walford. Meanwhile, the newlywed Denise realises that a dedicated parishioner is after her title of Preacher's wife. Her name is Loretta and subtlety is not her strong point. When Denise arrived at the community centre to drop off some clothes for a charity drive, her husband's number one fan was all over him. Angry and annoyed, Bianca joined her in a fight to oust the man eater.

Heading north to Coronation Street, Sally received the news that her operation was a success. Fantastic news for the Websters, but Kevin was soon faced with a chilling thought that his affair would be out in the open. Molly, who has become the world's biggest bitch, decided to tell her dumbo of a husband that she was leaving him, and it was only on the anniversary of Vera's passing. Way to kick a man when he's down. As the mechanic tried to come to terms with his marriage being in tatters, he FINALLY realised that she must have been having it off with another fella. His suspect.... Dev. Pah! The factory girls showed they had a conscience and set up a charity donation bottle in the Rovers to raise money for cancer. Being further in debt and extremely desperate, Joe eyed the dosh up and attempted to take it home, but Bill saw him, causing the kitchen fitter to run away with his tail tucked under him. Finally, Sian's dad found out that she had been sleeping with Ryan and arrived on the street in a serious fit of rage. By the end of the week, the schoolgirl was shipped off to her mums leaving both Ryan and Sophie upset.

It may have taken, like, four years but, Ashley finally realised for certain that psycho Sally was out to ruin his marriage in Emmerdale. He's seriously thick. He only copped on to her evil plan after he ran her over, which he thought was an accident at first, but in the hospital she confessed her true feelings and the penny then dropped... she'd actually walked out in front of him. But her evil and weird ways didn't stop there. While recovering, Sally told Edna that herself and Ashley have been having an affair. This rumour was quickly spread throughout the village and it wasn't long until the bishop showed up at the church and told Ashley to take a leave of absence. Carl's two children arrived on his doorstep after their mother landed them there for a while. The new godparent began to struggle with his work and his parental duties. In need of help, Chas tried to convince Carl to hire Charity, the woman who attacked him with a crow bar about a month ago, as a driver. Val found out that Olena is in the country illegally and she wasn't prepared to let her ruin her chance of making a success of her business.

Finally, Fair City. Lara tried her best to earn some extra money to show the social worker that she was responsible, in the hope of getting Jane back for good. However, neither Zumo nor Cleo could lend her the cash. In the Hungry Pig, Lara began feeling a little hungry herself....hungry to do something terrible. She was prepared to steal from the tip jar *queue dramatic music*, but Cleo caught her. Later, while drowning her sorrows with Malachy at the shelter, the two decided that it was time to move away, to Manchester and become a 'family unit', just the three of them (sounds pretty sick). Poor Dolores will be heartbroken. Elsewhere, thinking she could make amends, Yvonne paid Niamh a visit. As the two talked, the queen of stuffing things up, Yvonne, let slip that it was Paul that instigated the night of passion, which obviously upset Niamh further. Elsewhere, the Northside Post staff were still set up at Sarah's house which tested everyone's nerves. That snotty-nosed idiot who constantly has her nose and mouth scrunched together like the Grinch, lets call her Sarah, continued to be jealous of the attention and praise Orla was receiving from Barry. Fire her ass, Baz!