It's time to let Archie rest in peace in Eastenders. Pity they won't do the same with the storyline. As everyone gathered around his grave, DCI Marsden carefully watched all her suspects to see if the killer slipped up. Stacey certainly let her feelings be known when she appropriately spat on his coffin. If Roxy and Ronnie weren't having a bad week as it was, their brother, Daniel arrived. Scandal! Bradley finally decided to pop the question to Stacy and she of course said yes. Elsewhere, after collapsing in her kitchen, Pat was recovering in hospital, until Janine arrived and she took another turn for the worst. Typical. While the over sized over tanned ex Mrs Butcher was in surgery, the girl that caused the problem told Ricky that she would care for Pat no matter what the outcome. I think she may have regretted that when Pat's operation was successful. On the subject of Janine, Ricky convinced her to tell the police that Ian wasn't the murderer as the bust of Queen Victoria was still firmly on the counter when he left. Maybe the police should consider the bust as the murderer, it's been used enough times.

In Coronation Street, Becky got word that her mum passed away but Steve wasn't there to comfort her. No, instead, he was on a bike with Kelly (of all people) straddled around him trying to make his wife jealous. But he fell flat on his face, literally, when he was mugged and returned home, looking like school boy that received a weddgie and had his lunch money taken away, after a night out on the town. He began accusing his wife of going on the pull, but she dropped the bombshell about her mum AND....that she was pregnant. Eeek, a mini Beve running around?? Rosie was still adamant to have her surgery done and Kevin's firm words seemed to have no effect what so ever, so, Sophie decided to give it a bash. Joe suggested to Gail that they go on holidays for a few days. But it looked like he had an ulterior motive for his romantic getaway.

Over in the Dales, Ashley finally lost his temper with Sally. With Edna by his side, he launched a strong verbal attack on the psycho and even threatened to kill her. He almost popped a few veins in his neck and face while doing so. So, unhappy that she didn't get her own way, Sally went and graffittied the words 'Burn in Hell' all over Ashley's gaf. Over in Home Farm, Natasha plucked up the courage to tell Will about Mark. Upset, he ran off in the direction of the woods, which put the willies up Mrs Wylde seen as that's where she left her husband, dead. But that was only the beginning of her worries as the police soon came knocking at the door looking for Mr Wylde. Meanwhile, Maisie realised that she had a disorder and said disorder is genetic sexual attraction, in English - ew . Confused with right and wrong and struggling with her emotions, Maisie asked Ryan to meet her. Instead of keeping it to a casual chat, she tried to kiss him. Disgusted, he pushed her away. Phew.

Finally, Fair City. I wish I didn't have to, watching it during the week is bad enough but having to talk about it again? It's morally draining. Sarah found out that Ian did the dirty on her thanks to Barry. Furious that he had been found out, Ian launched an attack on poor Barry. But it only got worse for Sarah when she found out that it was Orla who participated in the game of tonsil hockey with her boyfriend. Damien began to encourage Mark to apply to Trinity college, so that he could get the best education and not end up working in a dead end job and being married to the world's biggest muppet. Suzanne, however, thought it better that he worked in Vino's for a year. What a great mentor she is. Dolores realised that Lara, Jane and Malachy were never returning. As she plucked up the courage to call Deegan, she soon realised that this little incident might make social services reluctant to let her care for other children in the future.