Phil hit rock bottom last week, in Eastenders and it looked like he was going to lose everything. After meeting Rainie in the square, the pair went on a binge filled with booze and crack. As they shut themselves away from the big bad world, things got heavy and very soon, were very steamy. Yes you've guessed it, the two junkies ended up getting jiggy on the living room floor (betcha she'll end up pregnant). Shirley, still clinging on to the hope that herself and Phil could live happily ever after, walked in on them. Neither Phil or his new friend even battered and eyelid. Later in the week, Peggy had a heart to heart with Minty expressing her concerns revealing that she was at a loss regarding how she could help her son, declaring she no longer cared. Needless to say, Phil overheard. Elsewhere, Janine and Ryan began discussing their impending nuptials, after the Butcher lass popped the question/he popped it right back at her. She says she loves him but it's really because he didn't follow through with some bet while on holidays, so this was how he was meant to make it up to her. Who cares, it's probably not going to happen anyway. Finally, Billie broke up with Whitney.

Over in Coronation Street, Lewis was playing everyone for a fool. It's a bit long winded so I shall do my best to make it all nice and simple. At the beginning of the week, he returned to the bookies and managed to get Deirdre out of the shop for a while. When she was gone, he placed another forged betting slip in the till. But, Deirdre returned and began to quiz the ex-prostitute as to why he was behind the counter. To cover his tracks, the sleaze ball filled the bag of wrinkles with complements and even kissed her, proving just how easy our Deirdre really is. As the week went on, Lewis convinced Audrey to keep a hold on the salon, 'for security purposes', and then went to collect his winnings, amounting to four thousand pounds, from Leanne. Peter became suspicious and it wasn't long until CCTV showed Lewis's fraud and his kiss with Mrs. Barlow. On the day that she was to set off to Greece to start her new life, Lewis was a no show and Audrey eventually put two and two together. Elsewhere, Natasha took a pregnancy test and Molly had a scare in the hospital and decided to put off their move.

The drama continued over in Emmerdale. Nathan had successfully set Ryan up as Mark's killer and, during the week, the mechanic faced the judge, only for a bail hearing though. As he stood in the dock, he pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder, and in the galley sat Faye and Cain (who feels slightly guilty for not speaking up for his co-worker as he knows he's innocent) and a smug Nathan. As the week unfolded, Faye began asking herself, and her own son, if he was guilty. I'd prepare for this one to go on for a while. Leyla received news that her mum had passed away, and it seems there's a reason we've heard nowt about her past before. Her sister, Alicia, showed up and told her to stay away from the funeral. Leyla didn't, and the shop owner later returned to the Dales with her mother's ashes in hand. A few months ago, or was it a year ago (time flies) Andy turned into a possessive thug who had issues with his temper. Lately he's been calm and collected and even started to date Adele. However, last week, the deranged side of the farmer reared its ugly head. He got annoyed that Lizzie was disturbing his alone time with his girlfriend and by the end of the week, he was caught spying on her by Katie.

Finally, let's have a gander at Fair City. It was the week of the talent show and whoever asked Bob to head the judging panel and mind the money should have had their head checked. He was handed one hundred euro by both Christy and Louie, which was a donation to Charlotte's fund (the whole point of the talent show) but when the money was counted and the amount raised was announced, the business men were shocked as to why the total was so low. Meanwhile, Bob was handing over cash to Wayne to invest in his business. It wasn't long until he found out his new business partner was a thief. Soon enough, Zumo was informed of the incident, which landed Bob with a bloody nose. Dermot learnt that the community centre was losing money and fast which meant it was about to close down. Knowing that could in turn bring him financial problems, he took drastic action and went on hunger strike. He also hoped Charlie and Esther would support him, but they turned their back on him. Eventually, all the stress and lack of pies took its toll on Dermo and he was rushed to hospital. Angry that her husband was placed in this position, Jo unleashed her anger on his so-called friends. And that was pretty much it, really.