It's that time of the week again, where we sit down and have a look at what happened in all the soaps last week. First up, as always, is Eastenders. It started off, as per usual, with a shocking confession. This time, it came from Glenda. While at the launch of the newly decorated R&R, herself and Peggy began to bicker and the former admitted she knew about Archie abusing Ronnie. Appalled, Pegs had to tell her step-daughter the truth. Both Ronnie and Roxy were obviously upset about their mothers actions and refused to talk to her. Serves her right in fairness. But there was more to come for Peggy. Tired of Phil and saddened that her family was falling apart, she turned her attention to banged up Sam. As she paid her daughter a visit in prison, she was bowled over when she realised she's soon to be a grandmother again. Who's the daddy? Well, you'll just have to wait and see. My money is on Ricky. Elsewhere, Tanya's husband showed up and first off punched innocent Darren, and then, when he realised he wasn't the person seeing his wife, arrived back at Max's house and proceeded to throw his missus out, by dumping all of her possessions on to the footpath. Finally, Carol went on a date with the army recruitment officer, Lewis.

Over in Coronation Street, it was just as dramatic. After finding out she was pregnant, Natasha thought she had it all, new apartment, successful boyfriend and now a baby on the way. However, at Audrey's 'leaving do', Nick dumped the hairdresser (not knowing she was in the way of Mr. Duff), in a pretty horrific way to be honest. He didn't exactly break the news gently, it went more along the lines of "I'm not really into you, I don't want to be with you, when I think of you, you will be just an old friend". Devastated, she booked herself in for an abortion. However, this is where it got even more complicated. Nick was convinced Leanne still loved him and when she shouted some sense into him, he began changing his mind about Natasha and asked her to take him back, so they could be a family. It looked like she was going to tell him the truth, but she didn't and Nick seemed content with his new family. Not for long, I'm sure. Finally, Audrey hid away from her friends and family after being humiliated by Lewis,Sophie and Sian tried every trick in the book to see each other, as they were banned from any form of communication with one another by Sally and Kevin, and Fiz returned home with a bun in the oven.

Next up, Emmerdale. Andy's anger issues were coming to the surface once again. He was annoyed that Adele chose to go on a girls night out, rather then spend the night with him on the couch. Upset and basically paranoid, he spied on his girlfriend but was caught by Katie. The next day, his ex confronted him and then thought it was a good idea to tell her mate the truth about the farmer. Not wanting to be with a possessive freak, Adele broke up with Andy. Consumed with rage, Andy got into his car, sped off, and rammed his jeep into some innocent wheelie bins. He was ok, but the bins, unfortunately, there were pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal. In a bid to sort himself out, and after a talking to by Katie, Andy went to see a doctor and agreed to go to anger management classes. Elsewhere, Rhona and Marlon set off for a few days to go to a veterinary course, but the real reason was so that she could stop thinking about Paddy. Down the street, Holly was asked to babysit for Laurel and Ashley while they went out, and of course, she couldn't help herself to snorting a bit of the white stuff. As the vicar and his missus arrived home early, the farmer's daughter accidently dropped her drugs, which were later found, landing her in some deep trouble.

Finally, Fair City. To say Damien and Suzanne have been having marital issues, is an understatement. It's been like World War Three in that house. During the week, Damien let his hair down and re-visited those days when Suzanne was nowhere to be seen, when he did actually have a life. After smuggling alcohol into the community centre for the leaving cert party, he himself went on the raz for the entire night, waking up at his front door, locked out and with a banging headache. When he did manage to make it in doors, the missus berated him for being so irresponsible. Even though Suzanne is an annoying witch who complains at every given opportunity, she had more reason this time as she had just fund out she was preggers. It took a few days, but eventually she told Damien. At first the news didn't go down too well, but after it had sunk in, the pair were delighted. Louis tried to apologise to Bob for setting Zumo on him, but he was in no mood to forgive, and vowed to get some sort of revenge on the pub landlord. Charlie saved the community centre from being shut down forever, after he bought the place, which at first enraged Dermot and the two began to bicker. However, after suggesting the centre should be named after Mags, the two kissed and made up.