It was the end of an era for Eastenders last week. Not only did the pub burn down but a few characters were lost too. It all began when Phil was dragged from the crack den by Billy, Minty and Peggy. Once back in The Vic, he was man handled, and battered over the head with a baseball bat courtesy of Sam, until he was locked into a room upstairs. It was like something out of the Sopranos, but worse. As the week went on, Billy was in charge of watching over Phil making sure he didn't escape. Eventually he did, Jack Torrance style. At the bottom of the stairs he met Peggy. The pair argued and when she couldn't convince him she loved him more then the pub, he set fire to the place. As the building went up in flames, everyone legged it, however, Stacey ran back in to get Lily who was sleeping upstairs and Peggy raced in to get Phil. Who came out alive? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you, you can see come Monday. But here's a hint, a lady with big hair is due to leave soon. Ah what the heck, Peggy did survive but left the square so she could stand on her own two feet. Janine and Ryan got hitched but it looked a bit touch and go for a while when the bride got cold feet.

In Coronation Street, the highlight of the week was most definitely Molly giving birth. She refused to go to hospital when Sally and Kevin came to her aid. Why? We'll never know. She instead wanted to wait for Tyrone to come back from his breakdown call. Sure, he's not even the father so it made no difference. After Molly snarled and panted like Rottweiler in heat, she gave birth, thanks to Sally, to a baby boy and Tyrone came home just in time. Down the cobbles, Kylie had snatched Max from his foster home on his birthday. Becky raced to find her before the police did and managed to talk her little sister around to giving back her son to his foster parents. Determined to win her sister back and help her get her nephew back where he belonged, Becky gave Kylie a home and got her a job in the cafe. Everything seemed to be going well, until Kylie laid eyes on Gary. Dev and Sunita received the news that both their children were being taken into temporary care. By Friday, Simon had admitted the truth about what happened to Aadi, which led to the Alahan's getting their children back.

Next up, Emmerdale. Moira and John were still in the dark about Holly's safety, however, the farmer found her in the city and attempted to bundle her in the car and bring her home. Of course he failed. When he got home Moira was furious at what he did. Later in the week, the farm house was burgled and it turned out Holly was the thief. Elsewhere, Leyla met up with Justin, behind David's back but was seen hugging him in Hotten. He instantly accused her of having an affair. Leyla's been hiding a secret for a while now and I thought that we might have found out what it was, however, she gave a pathetic excuse and David ended up leaving for a few days. Finally, Maisie confronted Nathan and Natasha about her suspicions and left the village. But, she left holding the evidence which would free Ryan, so it's only a matter of time before she's back.

Finally, over to Fair City, where not a whole heap happened. A new family, called the Dillon's, were introduced to us all. You would have seen Judith, the doc before and also Neasa, but during the week we met her other children and hubby Tommy. Neasa got drunk in McCoy's and had to be pulled out, that was after she stood up and belted out a song. The next day she woke up with bruises on her arm and a serious case of the fear. Zumo took it upon himself to put the blame on Bob. Just to let you know, he didn't touch her. Damien decided to quit his job, which caused Suzanne to hit the roof. Esther lost out on her bid to become the new mayor of Carraigstown, leaving Carol at the helm.