With The Vic burnt down and Peggy gone, Phil was pretty lost in Eastenders. He was determined to clean his act up, his own way of course and after some harsh words from Shirley, he made the decision to confess to the police. As ever though, he was stopped by his on/off girlfriend just as he made it to the steps of the cop shop. It's amazing how that always happens. Great timing. Shirl told him that he was right to change but wrong to admit to throwing the detrimental match to The Vic. Elsewhere, Sam was struggling with baby Richard. That's right, she eventually decide to give the poor kid a name, explaining to everyone he was called after his "father", Ricky. I don't get why she was so determined to bag him. He's not exactly God's gift and if they did end up together, she wasn't going to stay faithful to him. But, no one believed her, so Bianca, Ricky, Ronnie and Jack demanded a paternity test. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Eastenders the day the results came out, but I was informed that the fugly Mitchell lied about the father, claiming Ricky was the Da, only for Bianca to find out it was in fact Jack - and she blamed Ronnie for making her lie. Ouch! She has well and truly burnt her bridges now. Finally, Minty caught Heather trying on her wedding dress and feared she wanted to get hitched again.

In Emmerdale, poor Moira and John. It was bad enough that Holly was fast becoming a drug addict, but stealing from her family as well? That was just low. This week, after learning she was the culprit of their break in, Moira found out (thanks to Aaron) that her daughter was working in a bar in Hotten. The farmer's wife marched straight into town and dragged Holly to the police station and demanded her to be charged. Apparently she was doing it for her own good, trying to teach her to take responsibility blah, blah, blah. But the police let her off with a warning. So, in the end, Moira's tough love plan didn't work and she arrived home, still minus Holly. Elsewhere, Diane returned home and still thinking Nicola and Jimmy wanted to buy the pub, she gladly handed over the contract to sign. Then, something I thought was never possible happened. Diane got really angry and it was pretty darn scary. You see, Mr and Mrs. King decided to back out of purchasing the pub, which made Diane plummet further into debt. She ended up kicking the pair out (I thought she would have barred them she was that pissed)and announced she was lowering the price, again, for a quick sale. Declan broke it off with Natasha after she failed to tell him the truth about recent goings on and then he fired Nathan. Finally, Alicia, Leyla's sister, arrived with son in tow, after she left Justin. Looks like the family secret will be public knowledge very soon.

Next up, Coronation Street. Becky was hell bent on getting Max back and with the impending court case, she sorted Kylie out with a job and a home. During this time, Kylie set her sights on Gary and literally became a fillet steak on a plate. In order for her to do the deed with the red head, she stole Mary's motor home and the pair drove off for some fun time. The morning after, Becky ran around Weatherfield looking for her so that she could attend the hearing. After many, many hours, and a nagan of vodka down, Becky found Kylie in the Windass's and dragged her to the hearing where she got custody of wee Max. I think it's pretty obvious where this storyline is going. Kylie will wreak havoc, go on benders, sleep around, (as "that's what I do", her words, not mine) and Becky will end up rearing the little boy. After having it off with Kylie (well, in all honestly, she pretty much forced herself on him, Gary only looked keen for the first five minutes, anyway, that's not the point0, the soldier began feeling guilty for standing up Izzy. While in the pub, the evening after the night before, he tried to make it up to her. It was then that two lads called her an entirely politically incorrect name, and this forced Gary to become confrontational. Outside, the boys got in a scrap and Gary knocked one of the unconscious, so kindly Kirk covered for him. But, trouble came knocking in the form of two high visibility jackets and Gary was arrested for assault. Finally, Claire ran around declaring she and her family were going to leave.

Lastly, let's have a look at what happened in Fair City. I would say that it was very exciting but to be honest, it wasn't. Thanks to Zumo, Bob was previously accused of hurting Neasa but it all came to light that he was in fact innocent of any wrong doing. He berated Judith and Thomas for not acting sooner to resolve the situation, and for the fact they didn't believe him. He pointed out that he lost his job at the cab firm and exaggerated by spewing out he couldn't even afford a solicitor. If you looked closely you would have also seen a small man sitting on Bob's shoulders playing the violin. The couple offered him money for his troubles which he gladly accepted. Elsewhere, with Bob fired, Suzanne stuck that over sized nose of hers where it didn't really belong. She asked Leo to give Damien a job working for him, which he did, but Damien refused and told his wife he was sick of her. Meanwhile, Neasa and Suzanne were getting on like a house on fire and the former declared that she thought Louie had feelings for Suzanne, which nearly made her go scarleh, but he's way out of her league, which she should know. Finally, Caoimhe (the moody Dillon daughter) had to come clean about dropping out of college.