So, finally the court case began in Emmerdale. As Ryan helplessly watched on, Nathan smugly took the stand and began feeding the jury lies. He was determined to see his half-brother go down for killing Mark and loved the fact that he had the upper hand. However, his joy was short lived as he was soon kidnapped after his court appearance and taken to a barn back in the village. The smell of Cain off this was over powering. Scared, Nathan was tied up and warned that the consequences would be deadly if Ryan was found guilty. Meanwhile, Natasha was next up to face the prosecution and defence teams. At first she was a quivering wreck and was convinced her first born had abandoned her. After a while she managed to pull herself together and answered all the right questions the prosecution threw at her . At the hospital, Jackson was awake and learned that he might never walk again. I just wanted to jump into the telly and give him a massive hug. How fantastic was Pauline Quirke as well, don't think I've ever seen her be so serious before. Aaron continued to blame himself for Jackson's injuries and not even Paddy could make him think otherwise. Speaking of the vet, he and Rhona attended a veterinary ball and when they drunkenly returned to the hotel, they were faced with one double share. The next morning the pair couldn't even look each other in the eyes. Ah the fear, what an emotion. Finally, Holly told Hannah that she was off drugs, which we know was a lie and Jai tried to buy some land from the Dingles.

Over in Eastenders, Carol had a busy week of lashing out at everybody. First up was Bianca, then little Liam got a clip across the ear and, finally, Carol ventured over to Dot and Jim's place where she called them racist because they didn't have one photo of Billie in their house. After a few words and a wake up call that she couldn't be shouting her grief around the square, she then decided to organise a family meal as a way of an apology, but that ended in another argument, and the bereaved mother banned the entire clan from the funeral. The soap also did one of those random episodes where by they concentrate the entire show to just a few characters. After a brawl in R&R, Alfie, Billy, Janine, Kat, Stacey, Kim and Pat spent a whole night banged up and talked about their feelings and all that schtuff. While they 'bonded' Ryan was left holding the baby, literally. Whitney left Lily with him, thinking she could talk her brother around to taking responsibility for his child. It wasn't going well, even with him giving the baby a lecture on how he wasn't responsible enough. But next thing you know (after Janine and Stacey raced back to the flat the next day) he decided he wanted to be a daddy.

In Coronation Street, David was still adamant that he didn't mean to knock down, and let's not forget almost kill, Graeme. The police arrested young Platt after getting a statement from Tina, and at his hearing he conveniently collapsed in the court room. Gail was beginning to think her son was telling fibs but when the paramedics mentioned he could have epilepsy, well, he latched on to that excuse pretty quick. Maybe it turns out he does have it, but knowing David, if it's to get him off the hook until it can be proven otherwise, he'll milk that for all it's worth and thus hopefully avoid a jail sentence. Meanwhile, Claire's mother arrived on the cobbles with the idea of the whole family moving to France. Claire was delighted and accepted before she even asked Ashley. Upon hearing the idea, the butcher said no. But, we all know this pair are due to leave soon so I'd say they will end up moving. Fingers crossed, they're far too nice to be killed off by a tram. Kylie decided she had enough of the cobbles and thought it was a great idea to take herself and her kid off to Ayia Napa. Only problem was that she had no cash but that's never been a problem for her. So, she approached Steve for a loan and was told to push off. Desperate, she stole the till contents from Roy's Rolls. This entire situation is not going to end well.

Neasa was having a whale of a time in Fair City. Happily shacked up with Louie in McCoy's, the young lady enjoyed working behind the bar and even gave her boss's shoes a polish. It was such a random scene on Tuesday. Carol was becoming increasingly jealous of Neasa, probably because she's better looking and would get all the attention from the customers. She tried to brush the cocktail idea under the carpet and when she caught the doctor's daughter reading Louie's diary, she had ammunition to get rid. But, Louie didn't end up sacking his roommate and even liked the thoughts of continuing with the cocktails. That's two fingers to Carol then. Elsewhere, Suzanne and Damien tried to awkwardly sort their differences out and attempted to go on a date, but when the ex-painter forgot some of the shopping he disturbed the angry beast (i.e. his missus) and she began clobbering him. Trying to bring domestic abuse to the forefront then? Good topic for them to tackle, best one in a long time. In other news, it turns out Zumo stands for Xavier, who would have thought? Maybe that was common knowledge though.