Even though Carol is grieving, there is no excuse for what she did last week in Eastenders. It all started with the entire family being banned from Billie's funeral. When the hearse arrived on the square, she reiterated to Bianca and co that she was going alone; well, Alan and Blossom were allowed attend. Speaking of Blossom, she hasn't changed much has she? Alan seemed to have grown an extra 10 feet though. Dot and Jim rallied all the Branning's to theirs for some tea and reminisced over Billie's life. After the funeral, Carol managed to pluck the courage up to head over to them. Unknown to the others, she stood at the doorway and listened into their conversation, but a little boy, Alan's kid I think, stopped her in her tracks as he was the spitting image of her son. Back at home, she proceeded to write a suicide note, down a bottle of vodka and prepared herself to take a handful of pills. Just in the nick of time, Connor (that was one of Billie's oldest friends) burst in throwing his mates old stuff around. The pair soon cooled down and had a cry together which ended with the pair snogging the face off each other and tearing one another's clothes off. Wrong on sooo many levels. If she was hot, it wouldn't be so bad. They were disturbed just before the heavy petting turned into heavy panting. Vanessa received her divorce papers from Harry. Angry that she wasn't to receive a penny from her estranged husband, she blurted out Jodie wasn't his daughter. Finally, Janine's jealousy took control of her as she snatched baby Lilly from her home. In the car, she called Ryan, telling him they were going for a drive but when he saw who their passenger was, he flipped. The week ended with Janine, Ryan and Lilly stuck on a railway track with a train fast approaching.

Over in Coronation Street, Becky went to considerable lengths to stop Kylie getting in trouble with the social worker. With her kid sister on holidays, Steve's wife pretended to be her sister and managed to pull it off. The oblivious social worker went off happy that 'Kylie' was doing a great job and that Max was happy in his new home. But, things just don’t end that easy and the cheery lady from the social announced that she wanted to see Becky. Oh Dear. Later in the week, it got worse for the McDonalds. Kylie arrived home, with some wannabe boy band fellah from Cyprus and announced she was moving there for good. Max's welfare was instantly brought into question. Kylie, who should be nominated for 'Worst Mum of the Year' demanded that her sister and brother-in-law give her £20,000 or never see the blonde kid ever again. Over in the Peacocks, the drama continued. Claire has been pushing the idea of moving to France for a few days and Ashley was having none of it. During a meal though, the pair argued and Ashley began getting chest pains. After a once over from the doctors, he was told he was alright and sent on his way. But, the butcher saw this as an excuse to get his wife off his back and claimed he was seriously ill. Needless to say that when she found out the truth, she wasn't very pleased. Finally, John began to panic that someone knew his secret when a wreath was placed on the steps of the factory.

In Fair City, Decco was flashing the cash about the place, causing Zumo to grunt like a bull ready to do battle in the ring. Did you see he finally got rid of that golf ball on his cheek? Anywho, Decco and his dodgy dealings allowed him to purchase a gold necklace for his Nan. Zumo told her to take it off bit she refused, not wanting to listen to a bad word about her grandson. Christy came up with a brainwave to surprise Carol by booking a venue and date for their wedding, along with everything else. Louie seemed to know his fiancé better and told him not to do it, as she might not be happy. Bet he wished he had listened as when Carol did find out about the surprise, she freaked out. Keith's brother Finn arrived in Carraigstown and became friends with Dean, almost instantly. The two lads went on the lash and staggered home, each with a lady friend on their arms. Finally, Robert and Leo got closer, not romantically closer mind you, but they bonded over their love for food and hygiene. Odd, very, very odd.

Finally, the storyline that has been going on forever was laid to rest, in Emmerdale. Ok not entirely but, the real identity of the killer, that being Natasha, became public knowledge. Let's rewind here a little, shall we? Nathan was tied up in a barn thanks to Cain. After Ryan was found guilty of murder, the Dingle stepped up his game to get the young Wylde to confess. Of course he didn't, seen as he was innocent. So, Cain called Maisie over and also dragged Natasha and Will for the giggle too. As the family rowed and Maisie waved around a plank of wood, Natasha announced she pulled the trigger. She gave her daughter a choice, either don't tell the police or do and send her off to prison. She chose the later and rightly so. In Holly's world of getting high, she ventured out with Hannah for a couple of hours. She managed to slip away long enough to meet a dealer and get some gear. Hannah caught her in the act but had no proof. She ran home telling John and Moira what she had seen, but her big sister denied buying drugs, claiming the guy she met was just a friend. Later in the week, she snook off to one of the barns and took the heroin she bought. Adam and Moira found her, out of her bin and sprawled on some hay. In a desperate attempt to help their girl kick the habit, they signed her up for a course of methadone. Elsewhere, Chas returned from her holiday which rubbed Eve up the wrong way. After demanding Carl break it off with his girlfriend, Eve agreed to go with Chas to a lingerie party where she purchased some saucy lingerie. I think you might be able to guess what's going to happen to this lingerie next week. In other news, Rhona sort of told Paddy she fancied him, in a roundabout way.