I hope you had the box of Kleenex out for Coronation Street last week. It was very emotional as we had to say goodbye to the wonderful Jack Duckworth. I'm sure you'll agree that the way it was handled and the way he bowed out was very fitting. Well, as fitting as it could have been. It all started with a surprise birthday party in The Rovers for his 74th birthday, thanks to the organisational skills of Molly and Tyrone (not that they needed much). As Jack's oldest friends gathered to have a pint, Rita and co kept pointing out it was strange that there was such a celebration for a pretty irrelevant birthday. They didn't know though that he wouldn't be around for the next one. Jack managed to slip out early and headed home where he sat listening to some of his favourite music, and then Vera appeared. She arrived as an apparition to take him with her (on the bus, apparently) and as they enjoyed a slow dance together, that was the final scene we saw Jack alive. It was so heartbreaking when Connie, Molly and Tyrone found him in the chair (I wonder will they keep that, now since two people have died in it). As the sad news spread through the street, Molly had to tell Kevin that Jack found out about the affair leaving the mechanic wondering if Tyrone knew as well. Elsewhere, after seeing his business partner in her wedding dress, Nick told Leanne that he was still in love with her, something she was not happy to hear, but I think she may have more troubles ahead. As Peter and Carla's friendship seemed to grow, there was a certain look in her eyes as herself and the bookie shared a chat at the back of the pub on Monday night. That wasn't all though, because she recognised she had feelings for him, she hit the bottle again and guess who came to her rescue. Finally, we found out who John's tormentor is.

Over in Eastenders, wedding bells were ringing loud and clear for both Kat and Alfie, and Jack and Ronnie's big day, which didn't go to plan. Basically, Harry stepped up his campaign on Vanessa by killing Jodie's cat and leaving the feline's body in the bin. Angry that his new girlfriend was being targeted, Max asked Jack to help him 'sourt 'arry ahhht'. Not one to back away from a testosterone-filled encounter, he obliged and so they lured Harry to the club. They then began waving a baseball bat around the place and warned him to stay away, for good. Later, Jack was bundled into a car and kidnapped. Then came the day of the wedding and Jack was still nowhere to be seen, and Ronnie was still clueless as to what was happening. Across the square, Alfie had offered all of his decorations to Roxy (as she had no money to pay for Ronnie's schtuff) which caused Kat to call off their celebrations and even throw their cake out the window. She came around eventually and herself and Alfie had a happy ending to their day. Next up, Ian and Jane. Still looking like she wants to vomit in Ian's face, Jane continued to play happy families and was surprised at how generous Ian was being. He told her that all the money that would come from catering at The Vic, she could keep, which now means that she could have her escape money sooner then she thought.

Meanwhile, in Emmerdale, Holly resorted to an all time low to score drugs. Off she popped to Hotten, which wouldn't strike me as the place to find some hot totty, but the again, that wasn't what she was after. Poor Holly began prostituting herself so that she could buy drugs. Honestly, if you missed one of the men she went with, you're lucky *shudders*. It wasn't long before John and Moira found out, thank God. With no other option, they locked her up in her room forcing her to go cold turkey. It got so bad though that poor Hannah had to move out. Too young and innocent to deal with the noise from her big sister, Diane offered to take her in until things settled down at home. Declan was still trying to buy Home Farm from Nathan but he was determined not to let him have it, claiming the offer was pitiful. Smugly he gloated that he had fund a buyer, but seeing as he hadn't actually met the new owner in person, Maisie urged him to be cautious. There was more news on Jackson's condition and it was initially good with the doctors saying he had no head injuries. Everyone, including Jackson, were overjoyed. However, he then went for an operation which was hoped to fix his spine, which would allow him to walk again. The operation made no difference and the poor guy had to face the fact that he would be spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Emotional and pretty much all over the place, he blamed Aaron for his situation. Finally, Paddy was still telling Rhona that they could not be together, and after their kiss, he felt even more guilty. Alas, Rhona made the decision to leave, for the sake of the boys' friendship and poor Paddy was broken hearted.

Finally, Fair City. It was baby Ruth's christening and while everyone waited at the church for Damien, Suzanne told them he had a stomach bug. Of course he didn't, he was actually locked in the kitchen thanks to his wife. Mark thought there was something fishy going on and headed over to see his big bro. After he made his way into the house, he found Damien in the kitchen and after questioning why he was in there, the ex-painter made an excuse. Meanwhile Bela had it in his head Damien was hitting his daughter and when he confronted his son-in-law, he touched off his burn causing Damo to lash out. As the week progressed, Suzanne and Damien went to see Judith as the burn began to look very infected, almost gangrene like actually. She began to get suspect Damien was hiding something, as his account of how it happened made no sense. Elsewhere, Paul was being very protective over Rachel and was shocked when he heard his daughter asking Zak out. It was Orla who arrived with words of wisdom and informed him that he can't shield his young daughter from boys forever. Send her to a convent Paul, if that's what you want. Speaking of Orla, every time she walked into the room Keith's eyes lit up and Sarah began scowling. After the PR bird burst in on a date night, Sarah and Keith had a blazing row, which led to the mechanic confiding in Orla and he then came to realise she would be an ideal housemates. Possibly not in Sarah's eyes though.