In the aftermath of the tram crash/ gas explosion, the residents of Coronation Street woke up to devastation last week and so began the recovery process. Let's just recap on who actually died first and then we'll have a look at how everyone's been coping, which evidently hasn't been very well. Now, I know it's sad that some people died, but this isn't real life so to say it was a bit of a let down would be putting it mildly. Classed as the 'four funerals and a wedding' storyline, Ashley, Molly, Charlotte (who's not really a cast member, who cares about her) and some random taxi driver, lost their lives. Anti climax? Eh, I think so. Then there was the matter of how Sally would react to the news that Kevin fathered a child with his best mate's wife, who is now dead and Tyrone has been lumbered with a kid that isn't his. Needless to say, she cried a lot, told her mechanic husband that their marriage was over but, she did say she wouldn't tell Tyrone the truth. Realistically, that's just a matter of time. Claire and her two boys said good bye to Ashley and it was a serious tear jerker. I wonder will she still move to France... Next up, we learned that one baby needed a blood transfusion. At first I suspected it to be baby Jack and then that would be how the secret would unfold, alas, I was wrong and it was premature Hope that needed it. Fiz, her rotten teeth and John desperately prayed their little girl would pull through. Speaking of John, since he advised Charlotte's parents to turn off her life support machine, he raced round to her house to gather photos/ notepads and letters that linked him and the crazy nut job together. As he flicked through her Stape Stalker diary, Mammy and Daddy Charlotte walked in and he was forced to sit and listen to stories about his 'fiancé'. Awkward, yes and if reports are too be believed, this storyline is to go on for a lot longer *sighs*. Finally, we all saw Becky stealing money from the corner shop safe, as the firemen were trying to save Molly. During the week, she gave the cash to Kylie so she could get Max back, while Steve thought Kylie actually realised that she didn't need the money. That was until he saw how jumpy she got when it was revealed the CCTV footage from the shop was recovered.

With all that going on, Eastenders was like a morgue in comparison. Janine continued to give Ryan pills in an attempt to kill him off. The poor lad was delirious, sweaty, panicking and thought Stacey was in the room when he blurted out 'I love you Stacey' to Janine. Of course this made her more intent on killing her hubby. Pat, though, well she's not just a fat lump of nothing. She realised that something wasn't right and tried to catch her step-daughter out. One of the best moments from the week just gone was the return of Ben Mitchell. It looked like his time behind bars changed him in more ways then one. I think I preferred the old Benji, this one just seems angry all the time but after being banged up, having Phil Mitchell as a father and having some upstart replacing you in your home, that's sort of a good excuse. Accompanied by Shirley, he decided to see his dad and announced he was moving back. That was after her punched him, by the way. Quality shot in fairness to him. His specs must be a little stronger. Out on the square, Carol was spying on Connor and Whitney from behind stalls and the door of the mini mart. It was very obvious that she was jealous of Whitney and when she went to confront her, she ended up catching her and Connor half naked. Not in bed mind. He and his massive pecks waltzed down the stairs in Whitney's house wearing only a pair of tight pants. Jack and Ronnie arrived home from their honeymoon and they had to make their first major decision as husband and wife when Jack got offered a job in Dubai.

In Emmerdale, Marlon, Rhona and Paddy's situation was made a lot more complicated. The mum-to-be went for her first scan, minus Marlon and instead of getting all the news she wanted, the doctors told her her baby was at risk of having down syndrome. She didn't take it very well and when the news was confirmed, she announced to Marlon that she wanted an abortion. Andy's jealousy was reborn as Katie and Henshall grew closer. They've been enjoying each other's company in the pub, ever since he found her horses (remember she lost them a while ago? If memory serves me right, that's not the first time that's happened either) and she was more than happy to entertain his flirtatious forthcomings. Katie's not blind and noticed Andy's behaviour warning him to be good, which is not going to happen. Hazel reached the point of no return and took her stress levels out on the crib in the church. Frustrated that the council weren't helping her out with the alterations for Jackson's new home, Ashley offered her the cash collection, to help things going for a while. But, it seemed that there was someone else keen to help her, a secret beneficiary. Finally, at the start of the week, Chas was having second thoughts about jilting Carl at the alter when he managed to feed her every line she's ever wanted to hear. It took harsh words from Charity to point out that once a cheater, always a cheater, and the fact that she saw Carl having a secret meeting with Eve at the cricket pavilion pretty much put the plan back on track. Finally, it all got too much for wee Jacob and he ran away.

Finally, in Fair City, Neasa and Carol were still not seeing eye to eye. The week began with the singles night on Sunday, where Neasa invited Denzo and his criminal mates along, for the craic. Knowing what sort he hangs around with, Carol outlined her concerns and it erupted into a full on row, with Neasa pointing out that Carol was the perfect person to know all bout those sorts. Louis was forced to step in and managed to get the girls to call a truce. At the same time, Louis was trying to come to terms with the pub losing money and amidst all that, Esther had a go at him, called him a pig so, he threw her out and barred her from McCoys. She tried to start some sort of revolution by setting up camp in the community centre with her old age pensioner friends. Elsewhere, Caoimhe admitted to Robert that she regretted dropping out of college. I'm sure Judith will be delighted with that. Meanwhile, her dad, Tommy, collected his bike from the garage after new break pads were fitted. Ray tried to warn him to ease them in, but he didn't listen and the gardener ended up crashing, again. Oh and Doug lost his job, (in the garage, not in the actual soap unfortunately) due to the recession and all that jazz.