Naturally, we are going to start this weeks recap looking back at Eastenders. The current storyline involving Ronnie, Kat and baby Tommy has generated a massive amount of complaints to the broadcasting commission. In fact, it promoted the show's producer Bryan Kirkwood to make a statement and Ronnie, who's played by Samantha Womack, told a soap magazine that she had to take breaks throughout filming as she found it very upsetting. It's safe to say that the team in Eastenders are certainly not afraid to tackle any sort of storyline at this stage. So, back to the subject at hand. The week began with Kat and Alfie having to go to the hospital to identify their baby. It looked like Ronnie's secret was about to be exposed when Mrs Moon stated that the baby in the mosses basket was not Tommy. But, Alfie soon talked her round and the parents said farewell to their baby. This episode, by the by, had a whopping 10.6 million viewers. It was seriously heart breaking. Meanwhile, Ronnie was struggling to be a mother to 'James'. Jack began to get worried for the health and mental state of his wife so he called a midwife round. Would the swap be found out? Hell no, the midwife just thought the child had lost a bit of weight and also that his clubbed foot had repaired itself, within two days of being born. Now, come on, that's just not possible. So, at the end of the week, no one was any wiser. In other news, Glenda found out that Ben was the person who pushed her down the stairs, which caused Phil and Ian to work together to keep him from going back to jail. Oh, he's such a bad ass isn't it?

Meanwhile, Tracy spent the first few days of the New Year in intensive care, fighting for her life, in Coronation Street. The investigation began and there were a number of suspects but, who wanted her dead? Well, Steve was the number one suspect and the police concentrated their questioning on him. Then, there was Gail and David, but they wouldn't have the balls for that. However, Tracy soon woke up and she claimed that Becky was the guilty party. So, by the end of the week, she was banged up. Meanwhile, things got weird between Sally and Tyrone. The pair were left on their own, after Sally kicked Sophie and Sian out of the house for sleeping together. Yeah, she found out by walking in on them as they canoodled in bed. As Tyrone made his way home, he gave Sally a kiss on the cheek, then another on the same cheek and then, then they began to kiss which was like seeing a mum kissing her son-in-law, it just didn't seem right. They ended up spending the night together and the mechanic was spotted sneaking out of the Webster's, by none other then Kevin. This brought on a scrap in the middle of the street and accusations of adultery being thrown around. Finally, Gary opened up to Izzy and confessed that his head is in a right state after Afghanistan. To help him, she convinced her dad to give him a job on his building site. At first it seemed like a good idea but after the soldier was accidently locked in the back of a van, trouble started and the young man flipped out, causing Owen to become concerned over his behaviour.

There were no controversial storylines or much to report from Emmerdale, other then the fact Andy was coming across as a right stalker, but I get the feeling he's being stitched up. Gennie, Chas and Charity, just to name a few, were convinced farmer boy was the person behind the robbery at Katie's and behind her strange phone calls. As he tried to convince her otherwise, Katie began to wonder were her friends right. Pollard was forced to tell Val the truth about Elizabeth, so that he could try save his marriage. Val needed time to decide what she wanted and did her own investigation into Elizabeth's death, and Pollards previous dealings. By the end of the week, it seemed the couple were back on track and even Amy was allowed stay for the foreseeable future, not that Pollard was too happy. Nikhil realised that he was madly in love with Maisie and asked her to marry him. Rather then saying yes immediately, she asked for time to think about it and told her boyfriend that she was very "fond" of him, to which Nikhil got very excited. What self respecting man would think that it was ok for his girlfriend to say she was 'fond' of him? That's an insult. You see, Maisie's thoughts were elsewhere, as Will had got it in her head that the two of them and Ryan could move away and become a little family. Ryan was the only person who had the brain power to see that it was a bad idea, especially as him and his half sister were once an item. Finally, Lisa had a troubled end to the week which shook her pretty badly.

Finally, Suzanne departed Fair City. It seemed it was never going to happen but, it did and after she met with Damien to burn all their memories of their life together, she asked for forgiveness and then jumped in a taxi and bid adieu to her old life. Let's hope her man beating days are over. Elsewhere, there was trouble between Orla, Keith, Sarah and Finn and it got ugly by the end of the week. It began when Sarah received a letter from the bank which said Keith was approved to share her mortgage. This brought on a sulk and the water works as Sarah realised that the relationship was over. As she tried to pick herself up, Finn was there to give her a hand and as she took comfort in his arms, the ex fire fighter thought this meant she was up for it and tried it on. That proved to be a big mistake. However, later in the week, after Finn found out Keith had got him kicked out of Pete's, he and Sarah decided to rile Keith up by pretending to be a couple. This led to a punch up in the pub. A familiar face returned to Carraigstown, which did not impress many of the residents. After a spell of hiding away, Bob returned with a swanky new suit and began trying to win round everyone. His method was to become Turlough's carer. Finally, Dolores received a call from a donor organisation in relation to her late daughter Jessica's organs.