Eastenders decided to take a break from the baby storyline last week, which is a relief in one way, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that it should be over at this stage. So, who was in the limelight this time? Carol, Bianca, Connor, Whitney, Tiffany, Max, Ricky and Sonia. It was all very dramatic. You see, Whitney had a bit of ding dong with Connor in the garage and after that, he told her that he didn't want to see her anymore and that there was another woman involved. This led to the already vulnerable teenager to flip out, scream and run around the square. Meanwhile, little Tiffany had called Max round to the house after Bianca and Carol started shouting at one another because of Connor and then Bianca stormed out of the house. Needless to say, Max had a few words for his sister about her new boyfriend, pointing out the obvious age difference and the fact that he is not the right person to replace Billie. It wasn't long until Whitney and Connor fought their way home and Carol was devastated that he had cheated on her with (practically) her granddaughter. It was later, when she went to see if her 'lover' was OK that she and Max found him unconscious and beaten half to death. Bianca then went missing but horse features (Sonia) returned to Walford and told Ricky and Carol that her sister was staying with her. By the end of the week, Bianca was going to hand herself in to the police. Kat found out that Alfie put Michael's name on Tommy's birth cert and walked out on him, only to forgive him a few minutes later. Tamwar continued to go behind his parents' back by seeing Afia, and Christian talked to Syed about starting their own family.

Nick was playing with fire and causing Peter to revisit the dark side, in Coronation Street. The bookie had the taste for alcohol after Nick paid him a visit a while ago and poured him a glass of wine. Last week, while in the Rovers for Cheryl's birthday, Peter was investigating a glass of vodka on the counter. Leanne was too busy having a good time but Carla noticed what was happening and told Peter to go home quickly. On his exit, he bumped into Nick who said there was no harm in having one glass so, he took them both off to the Weatherfield Arms. What Nick didn't bank on was Ciaran being there (for an interview) and when he saw what was about to happen, Keet lost his reason. Elsewhere, Eileen asked Owen to have a look at her roof as it was leaking. He suggested that she call her insurance company as it may have been down to the tram crash. She duly did so, but when the assessor came out, Jason thought it was some perv spying on Rosie and decked him. Then Ms Grimshaw found out that the insurance company wouldn't pay out. Not sure if that was because of Jason giving one of their own a burst lip, or because the damage to the roof was not from the tram. Either way, she was faced with paying a few grand to get it fixed. She asked Lloyd for more hours. She was refused, but saw salvation in the form of Carla. She owed Owen a couple of bob for work he did on the factory and when she handed the cheque to Eileen, she then pocketed it. Finally, Gary got the all clear to re-join the army, but he and David got into trouble when the police thought they were two suspects wanted for some crime and Gary's new best friend, his temper, were bundled into a riot van.

Meanwhile, Andy had become the prime suspect in Henshall's investigation into who started the fire in Emmerdale (that being Henshall himself). It wasn't long until the entire village began to agree that farmer boy was capable of doing such a thing, seeing as he has experience with starting fires in his youth. After being turned away from Sarah's school, having his friends turn their backs on him, including Katie, Andy decided it was time to leave the Dales. As all this was going on, one of the victims (either Viv or Terry, t'was unclear at the time of penning this post) was being laid to rest. Elsewhere, Cain returned from his trip and couldn't help but notice that his missus was having a great time, with another man. Cain is the jealous type so he got it in his head that there was something going on between Charity and Jai, and so did Debbie. She asked her mother, who explained that she was playing a game to one, wind up Cain and two, so that this current job they are working on, would lead to another. However, Cain saw red towards the end of the week when he was left at home, alone, while Charity sat up at Home Farm having dinner with Jai, Declan and Ella. After getting a lift home from Jai, Cain saw his wife kiss Jai and got a little angry. Actually, he got really angry, so much so that he went and threatened Jai to stay away from Charity. Finally, the identity of Doug's mystery woman was revealed and it was Hilary, Laurels mother. Needless to say that both Laurel and Diane were shocked.

The Bishops feared for one of their own, in Fair City last week. Decco and his dodgy dealings seemed to have gotten him into some serious trouble, so much so that he went missing. It was Eileen's birthday and in an attempt not to worry her, Zumo and Denzo gave her a present from Decco and said that he was too busy to make her birthday dinner. However, they were forced to tell the truth when at Vivienne's. Denzo got a text saying that a body was found in the canal. Unable to hide their worry, the boys told their family the truth. But, fear not, the young thug was fine. He did turn up at his ma's with a stab wound though. Judith and Robert were beginning to worry that they had a rogue member of staff when drugs kept going missing. Meanwhile, Judith's daughter, Neasa, was trying to start something with Turlough. She tried flirting, and what not, but he played Mr Ignorant. It took a few days but they soon found some common ground and after putting their emotions, feelings and a few personal secrets on the line, they decided to go on a date. Finally, Carol's affair was getting more and more complicated with Louie and Christy felt that he was to blame for his fiancé's distant behaviour. In an attempt to get away from him, again, Carol asked Orla if she could join their Come Dine With Me date.