Eastenders was relatively quiet last week, but that doesn't mean there wasn't any scandal. The most interesting of events was Phil having a heart attack. I know, it's not something to snigger at, however, the events which led up to that were sort of funny. Basically, Phil's money problems were getting too much, so he blackmailed Ian for a couple of bob and said that, if he didn't pay up, he'd tell Jane about his affair with Glenda. In a panic, Ian turned to Masood and blackmailed him for the money, stating that he would tell Zainab about his fling with Jane. Since he isn't rolling in it, Masood asked Phil for the money, so if it all worked out, Phil would end up lending himself the money. One thing Phil didn't count on was being caught by Ian having it off with Glenda in R&R, and then falling to the floor with a heart attack. Glenda ran off looking for help while Ian took pleasure, and even poured himself a drink, in having his enemy weak and looking for his aid. He even left him for dead when the ambulance arrived and stated the call was a hoax. Did Phil die, ah, of course not. He's like that band Chumbawamba, he gets knocked down.... but he gets up again, you're neeever gonna keep 'im down. Over in the Branning/ Butcher/ Dean household (I've never seen so many people live under one roof with different names) Whitney and Carol had another argument which led to the former leaving home and moving in with Janine. Unexpected, yes, but she had nowhere else to go and Janine was only happy to invite her sister-in-law. Needless to say, Ryan was not happy. Finally, Roxy wanted to 'help' Syed and Christian by offering her womb to solve their baby situation. It was obvious she only did that because she has a major crush on her best mate. At the end of the week, having had a few arguments, the couple decided to hold off on having a child but it looked like it was too late as Roxy already started the process.

In Fair City, Vivienne thought she was Mimi from Shameless by stepping up as the head of the Bishop family. She's got nothing on that scouser. Herself, Zumo, Denzo and Decco arranged to meet Ritchie in some dodgy carpark, as all gangsters do and pleaded with him to release Decco from his gang. The musketeers admitted that they had talked to the police recently but gave false information which in turn, gave them dead end leads. By the end of the meeting, Vivienne found her inner thug and warned Ritchie that if any harm came to her boys, he'd be sorry. It was hard to take her seriously as she is continually morphing further into Mary Harney. Elsewhere, Neasa and Turlough began dating and when her family found out who her new boyfriend was (well, Tommy especially), they didn't waste time in voicing their opinion. However, Neasa's never been one to listen to her parents so, she still continued to date him. But nothing prepared her for Bob's nose inserting itself into her business. He told her that unless she helped him find out what was going on between Louie and Carol, he would tell Turlough about her past. Finally, Dolores met with a girl called Lucy when she responded to a donor organisation correspondence. It looked like she was the beneficiary of Dolores's daughter Jessica (remember she passed away a few years ago) organs. A very touching story but it did seem that Lucy was conning the poor woman. By the end of the week she had divulged her parents were broke and Dolores was only happy to hand over a cheque for a couple of euro.

Eileen had a pretty bad week in Coronation Street. Wracked with guilt over stealing Owen's money, she tried to stop the cheque but it was too late. So, when Owen went to pay for a laptop for Izzy, his card was declined and the alarm bells started ringing. He knew that ten thousand should have been in there and knew that if it wasn't, it was down to Eileen. So, he started being a bit rough, threatened to call the police and also mentioned that he was going to take revenge. She panicked, obviously and then realised, with the help of Julie, that she had enough proof to send him down for a few years, this proof being the tax evasion. To help herself out of this pickle she placed herself in, Eileen then threatened her boss, declaring she'd call the police and inform them of his illegal activity. John's mental state reached a point that saw him being admitted to a hospital after having a breakdown. Not only did Fiz have to worry about him; her daughter Hope's condition was deteriorating badly. While in the hospital with Chesney, the pressure got too much and she confided in her brother about John's double life. Alarm bells then went off in his head when he tells her that someone called to the house looking for Colin Fishwick. Janice's flat got burgled by Chris's mate and the reason behind that was to frame Lloyd. As the week progressed, his plan fell into place and the taxi firm owner became the prime suspect, when a bag containing Janice's belongings was found in his car.

Finally, in Emmerdale, the villagers remembered those that died in the fire: Bob and Viv. With Viv being buried in London and not in the village, everyone gathered in The Woolpack to say goodbye to her. Even with everyone thinking Andy was to blame, Chas was still convinced that Carl was the person behind setting the bins on fire as he was adamant to get revenge on her. One evening in particular, he started shouting his mouth off in the pub, in front of Henshall, and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Now, we all know that the copper won't pay much notice to Chas's accusations as he wants Andy to take the fall. Elsewhere, Val and Pollard have a meeting with social services about adopting Amy and she was so nervous, she went and got drunk with Victoria and Hannah, which ended with her in the bad books. Jackson wanted Aaron to stop spending all his time by his bedside so told him to go out and have some fun. He eventually agreed, but he couldn't stop thinking about his boyfriend who was at home. Young love, eh? Finally, Cain's jealousy took over his life, as he thought Jai and Charity were having an affair. Sick of Jai's friendship with his missus, Cain enlisted Sam's help to trash the barn conversion in a hope to send the message that he means business.