It was a manic week for almost everyone in Emmerdale last week. We'll begin with Andy's torment and the fact that everyone still hated him and blamed him for Viv and Terry's death. Henshall had successfully turned the villagers against farmer boy, but it seemed as if Karma was going to come right back and bite the bobby on the backside - slowly, mind. At the beginning of the week, Brenda, avec a tipple or three, got into her car and drove straight into Andy's abode, while he sat calmly reading a mag. After being thrown about the place, he emerged and was met with one angry and drunk Brenda. Hearing the commotion in their front garden, John and Moira went out and managed to pull the grieving woman away from their employee. Meanwhile, Gennie and Katie had called Henshall and told them what was happening. He met them at the farm and calmly told Gennie to take her mum home, while Andy's anger caused him to demand she be arrested. Needless to say, Henshall basically laughed this suggestion off and smartly told Andy to make a complaint about him, if he had a problem. So, off he trotted and called to see Henshall's partner, which the latter didn't think for one minute he'd do. Next week, I'm sure we can look forward to more twisted behaviour from the arsonist. Elsewhere, Cain was growing more jealous of Charity and Jai's working relationship. Knowing that he would rub the mechanic up the wrong way, Jai bought his employee a swanky new sports car and then took her off for an overnight meeting, while only booking one room. As Cain made his way to the hotel to claim his wife back, Jai was explaining the situation to Charity, but she knocked his advances back. Of course, they left before Cain arrived and he put two and two together, got seven, and went back and slept with Faye. Charity didn't exactly laugh about it when she found out. Finally, Amy was giving Val and Pollard an awful time and Diane was devastated when Doug told her he was off on holidays with Hilary.

Meanwhile, in EastEnders, Janine thought she had Whitney on board for her cunning and illegal plan to make them some money. But after a rough encounter with their first victim, Whitney bailed and even left the flat. With nowhere to go, she found herself sleeping rough. The next day, while having a cuppa with Dot in the launderette, she contemplated going back home, but realised that without Bianca, that wasn't an option. So, she returned to Janine's. Michael was ruffling a few feathers in the square and when I say that, I mean Ronnie became overly nervous in his presence; he caused trouble between Alfie and Kat; and made Roxy's heart skip a beat, or three. As if Alfie and Kat's marriage wasn't under enough pressure; Kate took it upon herself to reveal to her hubby that she kissed his cousin, which he already knew, but that - along with the money he owes Michael - caused Alfie to flip out and he even accused his other half of being responsible for 'Tommy's' death. Ronnie meanwhile, began spreading vicious and damaging lies about Michael when she found out her sister was having it off with him, and her husband was going into business with him. What did she say I hear you ponder? She claimed that Michael came on to her. Elsewhere, newly engaged Darren got his job back at the car lot while the mother of his child began struggling for cash and resorted to desperate measures to put food in George's mouth. Finally, Tamwar and Afia grew more and more angry with their parents interfering in their love lives.

Sally's love life seemed to be looking up, in Coronation Street, when she met a man called Jeff in the Rovers, of all places, and agreed to go for dinner with him. She instantly fell for him and was thrilled with his company. However, things got complicated (no surprise there, then) when she went to visit Rosie's creepy agent, only to realise that 'Alfie' was Jeff. Speaking of her daughters, as per the last ten years, Sophie's problems were ignored and she began spiraling out of control by continuing to skip college and was then heart broken when Sian declared she was going on an extended holiday with her mum. Carla and Leanne had words in the Rovers' toilets, always a good place to have a private conversation, ain't it? Well, Leanne wished she picked a better place to have a fight with her ex-best friend when Tracy emerged from a cubicle, which revealed she heard everything about her affair with Nick. Later, when Tracy talked/argued with Ken and Deirdre about the common information they had, Peter walked in and demanded to know what was going on. They all kept quiet but he later managed to find out what was happening. Nick had given Leanne a plane ticket and asked her to move to France with him. She rejected his offer and binned the ticket in the flat, which Peter found and realised the truth. Leanne should really be a tad more careful in future. Looks like their wedding ceremony on Monday will be a barrel of laughs. Finally, the McDonalds went on their jolliers and left Lloyd in charge of the feuding Tracy and Tina and his efforts to keep the peace in the pub, went un noticed.

Turlough paid a hefty price, in more ways then one, when he planned on asking Neasa to marry him, in Fair City. After buying a ring that cost a small fortune, he approached Tommy asking for his daughters hand in marriage. He wasn't too forthcoming with a congratulations, seeing as they have only been dating for five minutes. Back at the ranch, Bob found the receipt for the ring and scorned that he was being turfed out of Turlough's life in favour of a girl, he pawned the diamond and kept the money for himself. They had a massive fight when the wheelchair bound man found out and demanded Bob move out. He still managed to ask Neasa to marry him though, which she accepted but tragedy wasn't too far away as he pulled a mirror down on top of himself and was left in a pool of blood, unconscious. Meanwhile, over in Phelans', Carol still couldn't muster up the courage to tell her ancient fiancé that she didn't love him anymore and was having an affair with a far better looking, younger and more successful man. Instead, she slept with him after he said he wanted to be Lorcan's grandfather and also agreed to go to see Christy's sick brother in Bermuda. OK, she was more emotionally blackmailed but, Christy seemed to be playing a good game and was pretty determined to get Carol down the isle, despite the fact that he saw her kissing Louie. Finally, Paul learnt that Dean owned his shares in the garage and that these would be used as collateral to start his own business. Speaking of new ventures, Tommy opened his farmer's market which was a roaring success.