It's not often that we see much of Heather in EastEnders. She's either chasing Shirley around the square or else standing behind the counter at that Minute Mart. However, the writers decided that it was her time to shine, so there was even an entire episode dedicated to her which saw her buggy being broken, her becoming very red faced, her doing a lot of heavy breathing and trying to run from pillar to post. Finally, when she realised that with no money and no electricity, George would be better off in Darren's company, she passed her child over to his father. I must say, Darren and that child have an uncanny resemblance. Things got so bad for Heather though by the end of the week, when she fell unconscious due to a dodgy boiler, i.e carbon monoxide poisoning and ended up in hospital. Wonder what social services will make of all this. Elsewhere, Jack learned that Ronnie lied about Michael, when she admitted she made everything up. He was completely shocked to learn his wife would do something like that but seemed to empathise with her when she claimed she needed professional help. Yeah, and maybe hand that baby back to his natural mother, that should help things along. Whitney seemed to be hell bent on making a mess of her life. She ended up back in Janine's flat and when Kat offered her a job in the pub, she was overjoyed. However, it wasn't long until she got the boot, in fact, I think she only lasted 24 hours, as Janine persuaded her to steal a few bottles of booze. Kat of course found them and kicked the miniature Vicky Pollard out. Finally, Roxy took a pregnancy test and prepared to tell Christian and Syed what the results were. Oh, and that was after Christian found her half naked and ready to fornicate with Michael. That incident didn't go down well (no pun intended).

In Coronation Street, Nick and Leanne's sordid affair was finally out in the open. With Tracy, Ken, Deirdre and Carla all in the know about the Battersby and Tilsley's shenanigans, it was only a matter or time until Peter found out and instead of confronting his wife straight away, he waited until they were standing at the top of the alter and were about to have their wedding vows blessed on Valentine's Day. Revenge felt sweet for him as he made a holy show of Leanne. She begged and pleaded for a second chance, but the bookie was having none of it. I think she actually genuinely loves Peter and not Nick, so it was quite sad to see how it all unfolded, and Simon, well, he didn't take it too well. By the end of the week, Ken was desperately trying to persuade Peter to give Leanne a second chance while she was getting ready to leave Weatherfield. Sally was still dating Jeff, even after she found out he was Rosie's agent but she failed to notice Sophie's downward spiral, and after her daughter got kicked out of college, she was forced to consult Kevin on how to help their youngest. In other news, Becky and Steve returned from holidays and the plan was to tell Tracy she was fired. Steve realised that if he did, he ran the risk of having no contact with Amy and so kept her on as a barmaid, annoying Becky. Finally, Tina's friend Xin arrived and seeked help from her friend and Graeme.

Over in Emmerdale, the drama was unfolding at Henshall's house. He and Katie were preparing for a weekend away but Katie found newspaper clippings relating to the copper's wife, who died in an arson attack. That, along with finding the bracelet she thought Andy had taken, Katie copped her fellah was behind the threatening phone calls and the fire. As she tried to escape, he held her hostage. Meanwhile, at the same time, the police and Andy also realised that Henshall was the real arsonist and went to his house were the dramatic siege came to a chilling head, with one person seriously injured. Over in Jimmy's world, we've seen him pulling the disappearing act over the past few weeks and we finally found out where he was going and who he was meeting. Kelly Windsor, his old flame. She was back to cause trouble for him and it wasn't long until they were having a very heated exchange. A fight broke out and she knocked him out with a torch, leaving him slumped in the front seat of his van. In other news, Doug was saying his goodbyes to his family and friends as he was heading off on a cruise with Hilary. Diane was finding it difficult to bid adios and so plucked up the courage to tell him that she loved him. A little too late though and Doug said thanks, but no thanks, he loved her once, she broke his heart and that was the end of that. Disappointed, Diane began thinking of her own stale life and announced to Val that she was going to sell up and move on. I know what you're thinking, we've heard it all before but I think, this time, she might actually go through with it. Finally, Rhona tried helping Marlon and his non-existent love life by setting him up with one of her old friends. It went down like a lead balloon.

Fair City started off an on a romantic note last week. Caoimhe found a beautiful necklace on her doorstep and was instantly delighted that Dean had done such a romantic thing. When in the Hungry Pig later that day, it became clear that the chef didn't buy her it and it was in fact Decco. First thing that came to her mind, was 'ewe', but she then got angry with Dean for not being thoughtful. To make up for his wrong doing, Dean swept the receptionist off her feet and put together a picnic in the park for her. Being easy to impress, all was forgiven and the kids had a whale of a time. Meanwhile, Louie and Carol began the week in each other's arms and very happy that Christy was away, which meant they got to spend more time together. All that was short lived as Louie's estranged wife, Ingrid, and the children arrived in town. It was clear that she was up to something which means there could be trouble ahead for the businessman. Poor Neasa was continuing to grieve for Turlough and turned to Bob for help. Unable to offer any kind of aid, as he has a heart made of stone, he passed her to Tommy, who went to visit Turlough's grave with his daughter. The reality of what happened hit her hard and as she sat by the graveside, she broke down. Elsewhere, Philip was trying to impress Dearbhla and pretended to get a tattoo, because that apparently shows how mad one is. Unfortunately, he chickened out and drew the tattoo on his arm and got Dermot to colour it in for him. Both Jo and Dearbhla were shocked at how amateurish it looked. It did, by the way, baby Ruth could have done a better job. Finally, tensions escalated in the garage between Paul, Keith, Ray and Finn.