It seemed that every resident of Coronation Street was in some form of predicament last week but for most, it all boiled down to cold cash. First off, after a trip to the casino with his missus and friends, Steve walked away with a tidy sum, which would come in handy as he had a few debts to pay off. Lloyd was first in line, as he wanted streetcars to be paid first, but Steve was torn between paying his business partner or his friend. Dev confided in him that there was a problem with his insurance company (due to a form not being filled out correctly, I'm presuming) and they were not prepared to pay out for the tram crash. He also told Steve that he would have had enough cash to pay Owen, if some thug didn't loot the place. What with Owen also refusing to finish the building work without getting some kind of upfront payment, Dev and Sunita's future seemed bleak. So, Steve did the right thing and returned the money, anonymously, which overjoyed the Alahan's. However, they then came to realise that the thief was one of their friends, which lead them to tell the McDonald's, who feared they were about to get caught out. It was an anxious wait for the family as they prayed Dev wouldn't involve the police. On that note, as Owen was throwing a fit about not getting paid, Sunita was given advice from Eileen, which involved her bribing the builder to do work or else she would let the world know about his tax evasion. This led the builder to break into Eileen's house, steal the paper work that incriminated him, and then he called the police on Eileen claiming she stole from him. It's just one vicious circle really. Elsewhere, Julie thought Tyrone needed her help and Maria got a new job in the factory, while finally, David returned home announcing he was in love with a pole dancer he had met on holidays.

In Fair City, Neasa wasn't using Bob as her emotional crutch anymore and the pair were fighting over Turlough. Even when he's gone he's causing trouble, typical. Neasa came across a cheque that was written to Bob for the sum of €200,000, which she claimed he had no right to. Bob then turned the tables round on her, claiming that as his name was on the payee line, he was more entitled to it then her, even if she is/ was Turlough's fiancé. Wanting to get rid of his house guest, Bob went round to Tommy and Judith saying that Neasa was an emotional wreck and needed help, fast. In other news, Louie's wife Ingrid arrived in Carraigstown and told her ex that she needed money, and they decided to auction off one of his businesses. Then, Ingrid announced her lawyer was in town and would help them with their agreement. It wasn't long until Carol found out that the 'lawyer' was called Richard and he was Ingrid's partner. Carol frantically called Louie and let him in on the scam, who was not happy the wool had been pulled over his eyes. After a war of words, Louie declared that he was going for custody of the children. Bet that put a dampener on Carol's future plans. In some not so very exciting news, Suzanne returned to Carraigstown, and told Bella that he was responsible for her issues (which he disputed). She also bumped in to Damien who told her that the emotional scars would take some time to heal. I still say that's the best storyline Fair City has ever ran with.

Nicola started off the week being frantic about Jimmy's whereabouts in Emmerdale, but as the week went on, she became angry, claiming their marriage was over. Then her emotions turned to despair when the police called with some news. We all know that Kelly was the one who knocked him unconscious and left him for dead in his van, in Peterborough. We can also assume that she was the mysterious girl who was ringing the office looking to speak with Jimmy. Nicola was starting to believe that her husband had ran off with another woman and her money, when she rang the bank who confirmed five hundred bills was taken from her account. But the police soon called Carl and Nicola and told them they had found his van, abandoned and with blood stains on the driver's seat. The next day, they raced down to where Jimmy's van was and started dishing out photos of him in an effort to find out where he was. Lisa spent most of the week trying to keep Lizzie away from disgusting Derek. Her friend was flirting with the factory worker and he was lapping it up. After Lisa warned her friend to be careful, Derek whispered in Lizzie's ear that Mrs Dingle had a thing for him. Lizzie then accused her friend of being jealous, which then in turn led to Lisa announcing, to the entire work force in the factory, that Derek raped her. Next thing you know, she's telling Zak, holding him back from breaking the sicko's legs and then reliving the terrible ordeal to the police. Meanwhile, Derek was being ousted. In other Dingle news, Cain realised that Charity was telling the truth when she said she didn't sleep with Jai, and Debbie convinced him to apologise and beg for one more chance. This didn't go as he hoped, and Charity told him to get lost. Pretty understandable, I'm sure you'll agree. Finally, though, some good news and it seemed two people were forming a beautiful friendship. It's an unlikely match but Andy asked Alicia out on a date and she agreed.

Finally, in EastEnders, Alfie set about winning Kat back (Ronnie just has to do and say one thing and it would all be sorted *shakes fist in the air*) by hatching a plan. He hoped that by filling the Vic with loads of customers, Kat would struggle behind the bar and he could swoop in and help her out thus, saving the day. In fact, that's exactly what happened and it worked a treat until Kat left to go to the grand opening of the new B&B. You might not think that Kimberley's Palace's (no joke, Patrick actually let her call it that) grand opening wouldn't be exciting, but you'd be wrong. When the first paying guest was revealed, Zainab got the shock of her life and was upset to see Yusuf was staying in the same room as her. Furious, she demanded he leave, which he refused to do, and there was more upheaval for the Massood's when they learned he was the new GP. Looks like these guys will never bury the hatchet, even if their children are planning to get married. Meanwhile, Whitney's life seemed to be spiraling out of control and there was nothing she could do about it. While helping out at Ricky's birthday bash, she tried to bake a cake to surprise him, and the family. However, Janine was having none of it, they had a massive screaming match which led to Whitney storming out in tears. That lad who rescued her a few days back appeared just in the nick of time and took her under his wing. He smells of bad news, so tune in next week and we may see Whitney ending up in the depths of despair. In other news, that's not worth going into much detail, Shirley tried to convince Heather that she was a good mum, while Roxy asked Tanya to run the salon, upsetting a few people along the way.