Maria had a pretty horrific week in Coronation Street. Only a few days into her new job, Carla sent her off to clinch a deal that seemed to determine the future of Underworld. A very handsome man, named Frank, was the last hope for Carla and she saw that he got a twinkle in his eye every time Maria was around. So, she sent her new PA off to spend the evening with him, with a view to making him sign a new contract. Everything seemed to go well at the start of the night; they cooked dinner, shared a giggle or two and then Frank made a pass at Maria. She of course knocked him back, politely, and the conversation returned to business, but the businessman tried his luck again and this time, he got heavy. Scared for her safety, the single mum panicked and managed to leg it. It seemed though that he wasn't going to hold that against her, as he signed on the dotted line the next day. Eventually, Carla was told about the evening's events and she promised that she would never put Maria in that position ever again. In other news, David returned from his holidays and he announced he was engaged to a girl called Candy. To say that gerbil features and her mother (that would be Gail and Audrey) were shocked, is putting it mildly. They tried to convince him that he should not rush into anything and when, come Friday, they met the future Mrs. Platt in person, they nearly had a heart attack. Same can be said for Becky and Steve when they met Candy, as it turned out it was none other than Kylie. That wasn't the only shock the McDonalds had during the week though, Dev and Sunita told them that they wouldn't press charges over the stolen cash, but did explain that they were no longer friends, which caused Steve to lash out at Becky and warned her that she was on her last chance.

Meanwhile in Fair City, Carol and Louie were enjoying their time together, as Christy was off boring other people somewhere. They enjoyed a few breakfasts together and even shut up shop for a day, but it all came to an abrupt end just as Carol was about to move her belongings into the pub, when Christy arrived home early avec Ali and Lorcan. Shocked, Carol was forced to stay put in the shop. Ali then told her that she wanted to be her bridesmaid and Lorcan to be the ring bearer at her impending wedding. I can't believe she actually asked, surely if Carol wanted her as her lady-in-waiting on the biggest day of her life, she would have asked her. You can't just nominate yourself, but I suppose the wedding probably won't go ahead; either Christy will dump her at the alter, or Carol will admit her affair to Christy before they walk up the aisle. Louie was having his own issues with his family, as Ingrid was still lurking around, but the landlord was laying his cards on the table and with no uncertainty, he told his ex-wife that he would be fighting for custody of their children. Down the street at Vino's, it was getting a little crowded. With the kitchen the size of portable toilet, Bella, Sarah, Suzanne, Dean and Yvonne were fighting for some elbow room and, to be honest, I don't think they were making enough money to cover staff costs. Yvonne took the initiative and made someone redundant and the poor sucker was Sarah, but that's not a bad thing. The less we see of her puckered pout the better. Elsewhere, Vivienne was starting to do things the Bishop way and blackmailed Judith into giving her her job back, after she was sacked for admitting she stole the doctors prescription pad, even though it was Decco, and she was just trying to protect Judith from getting a beating. Finally, Finn started his campaign to get a lap dancing club open.

Over in Emmerdale, the police told Nicola that the blood they found in Jimmy's van was in fact his, which led her to believe her husband was dead. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel when she and Carl got word that a man fitting Jimmy's description was recovering in hospital. The pair raced up to see him but they were met with a man that looked like Jimmy, was in fact Jimmy, but he couldn't remember that he was called Jimmy. Good old Kelly managed to knock his memory out as well as knocking him unconscious for a while. The doctors told Mrs King and the young brother that there was a very slim chance that Jimmy would regain his memory. Jackson got a new set of wheels to race around with and Aaron helped him test them out. Hazel and Gerry weren't happy that he was still hanging around and found it hard to hide their unhappiness. However, they had to try even harder when they found out that the two boys were back together, after Aaron declared his love for Jackson. Even Paddy and Chas were worried.

Finally, Kat had a blast from the past in EastEnders. Her old friend Martina and her daughter Shenice landed on her doorstep looking for a place to stay. At first Kat was frosty to her old pal. As it turned out, she was the reason Kat had to go on the run because Martina reported Mrs. Moon to the police. She explained that she felt she had no other choice as she was scared the police would hurt her little girl. Somehow I don't believe that. Kat decided to let the past be just that and they agreed to start a fresh, she even opened up about Tommy. The two girls went on a night out and, upon her return home, Kat found Shenice in her room trying on her make-up and clothes. When Kat approached the little girl, she shied away and it seemed that she was scared that Kat was going to hit her. Looks like there could be more to Martina's story then meets the eye. Lucas was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing all those women a few weeks ago and, to celebrate, Denise filed for divorce and threw a party, inviting practically the entire square. It turned very sour quickly though after Tamwar gave Afia an engagement ring. But, to trump the Masoods, Yusuf give his daughter a ring that had apparently been passed down from generation to generation in the family and he hoped that she would carry it on and wear it. Masood took offence, lashed out and blurted that Zainab was set alight by Yusuf years ago. However, he was made eat his words when his wife admitted that she can't remember if he was there or not. There was more juicy drama when Phil caught Roxy taking money from his safe. She told her cousin that she was taking back what was rightfully hers, but he then claimed Glenda had taken the cash. After convincing Masood to plant money in Glenda's fat, Roxy found it and turned her back on her mum. With now now to lose, Glenda announced that she had been sleeping with Phil, in front of Shirley. Oh, and Ronnie was still carrying around Kat's baby, hopefully, fingers crossed it will end next week *starts praying*.