Glenda was playing with fire in EastEnders and even her own daughter began to turn on her, of course Ronnie's ever-wavering state of mind had something to do with it also. Glenda was turfed out of her flat by Roxy and so took up the space on Ronnie's couch. However, her daughter was getting increasingly irritated and paranoid that her mum was going to realise her secret, due to a few comments about James, and went to Phil to organise "getting rid". When I say 'rid', I mean the Mitchell way. As the plan began to take shape, poor Shirley got caught in the crossfire when she overheard Phil and Glenda talk about their affair and so she was forced to realise Phil had actually cheated on her. So come Friday, we were left wondering if they would tie the knot. That wasn't enough damage for Glenda, though. She went over to Ian and told him that before she was going to leave the square for good, she wanted him to pay her a couple of grand or else she would sit Jane down and fill her in on what they did together (which no-one needs reminding of ). Meanwhile, Kat and Alfie ended up heartbroken at the end of the week. Clearly still mourning Tommy (where is this quick ending we were promised???) they were taking care of Shenice, Kat's friend's young 'un, and even threw her a birthday party. The day went well and all the kids got on smashingly, but Shenice's mum, Martina, arrived back with her fellah in tow and told Mr and Mrs Moon that she was taking her daughter away. In the way of young love, Abi arranged a date with Jay and lathered some new slap on her face in a bid to impress him, which it did. Unfortunately, Max wasn't and made a holy show of her in front of Jay.

In Emmerdale, Nicola was trying every trick in the book to help Jimmy get his memory back. She showed him pictures of their wedding day and of their past, his favourite shirt, cooked him was his favourite food was and was even short of going into details about markings on his body, which I'm glad she didn't. He seemed to like Carl, though, and he went for some beers and walks around the village with him and tried to remember different things, but nothing seemed to work. However, he did seem to start thinking that maybe he was being told the truth when Carl told his brother how much Nicola loved him. Strange that Carl was speaking so highly of the ferret. Cain was desperately trying to show Charity how much he loved her, or maybe it would be more fitting to say he was just a bad loser and would rather get her back then let Jai have her. The next stage of his plan was to get to Jai by manhandling Nikhil, tying him up, gagging him and then dumping him in one of the factories industrial bins. When this didn't work, he lured Charity to a hotel room, which she thought Jai would be occupying and then proceeded to get heavy handed with her and a violent altercation occurred when Charity pushed his buttons. By the end of the whole ordeal, he stated that he would let her go, but we know Cain and I doubt that's the end of his master plan. Finally, Andy thought he was doing Alicia a favour by trying to score her a job in the vets. She wasn't best pleased that he was interfering in her business but they soon worked it out, and Chas voiced her interest in buying the pub off Diane.

Ali and Lorcan came back to visit Carol in Fair City, thanks to Christy. He is determined to get that woman up the aisle and break Louie's heart. Ali managed to get Carol to open up to her about her doubts on marrying Christy and the affair she's been having but, Ali told her that staying with Christy would be the best decision she could ever make. Meanwhile, Louie was telling Yvonne that he had met the woman of dreams but was soon left deflated when Carol informed him that she would be marrying Christy and that their love affair was over, for good. Elsewhere, Esther was shocked that the men of Carraigstown (that being Wayne, Cass, and Pete) were not obeying their religion by giving up certain luxury items for lent. In case you've been living under a rock, lent has started. She challenged them to give something up, which they did agree to but they came up with a plan to deceive her, probably just to get her off their back. They suggested that she should give up gossiping if they stop over indulging in treats. Later however, the boys put a wager on just to make it more interesting for themselves.

Finally, in Coronation Street, Sophie's problems came to a head this week with her family finally taking some notice of her, and it only took her falling from a roof top. At the beginning of the week, Sian returned from her holidays telling Sophie that she had a great time and that she and her mother made up. Sophie got jealous of this and of the holiday snaps, which featured her girlfriend and another girl looking quite close. The girls were soon fighting with Sian declaring that Sophie was throwing her life away. With no one to turn to, Sophie befriended a bottle of cider and got fairly lamped. She ended up staggering to the church where she had a fiery confrontation with the pastor and so ended up standing at the edge of the roof of the church. Disaster soon struck when she lost her footing and went tumbling down and landed on the roof of a parked car.  In other news, Tina's friend Xin was trying to find a way to stay in the country but Kylie was on hand to offer David's hand in marriage for the fee of £2,000. Once Tina got wind of this, she discouraged her friend from getting involved with the scheming pair and suggested that she should marry Graeme instead. He wasn't overly impressed with the idea but agreed to go along with it anyway. At the salon, a customer of Audrey's died while under the perm machine which led Audrey to announce she was handing over her entire business to David, making Kylie very happy. You could even see the pound signs illuminated in her eyes. Finally, in some good news, Fiz prepared to take Hope home.