You know, it's very hard not to feel sorry for Steve and Becky in Coronation Street at the moment. I know the reason behind their current situation is down to Mrs McDonald's outrageous and unexpected behaviour, but she does have good intensions before she causes these car crashes. Now that they've avoided going to jail, thanks to Dev and Sunita keeping their mouths shut, the pair were starting to wonder what was next on the list. So, on cue, Liz arrived back on the street and then trouble reared it's ugly head again. It all began when she saw Emily with Amy. After taking her back to the pub, Steve started to explain that the Rovers wasn't Amy's home anymore and right on that mark, Tracy burst in and took her home. Liz began to ask what was going on, but of course, Steve played it down. However, when Tracy arrived for a shift behind the bar, Liz decided that was the last straw and announced to her son that she would fight for custody. He of course said he wouldn't stand by her (and we all know why) but Liz was utterly flabbergasted at what was happening. In order to get some more answers, she went to see Dev and Sunita. Elsewhere, while Sophie was recovering in hospital it looked like Kevin and Sally were going to put the past behind them and try move on, possibly together. While chatting on that incredibly small couch in the house, Sally started crying and soon the husband and wife briefly kissed. But, for any Webster fans out there, a reunion was not on the cards. It was Hope's first week home last week and Fiz was fussing about the place worrying that her baby would pick up all sorts of germs, especially from Schmichael, so he was kicked out. Meanwhile, Katy - who's about 16 - was getting more and more broody seeing her fellah holding his niece and so decided that she wanted to become a young mum. Needless to say Owen was not one bit pleased at the news. Finally, Graeme and Xin got word that they could get married.

In Eastenders, week 1,256 of the baby swap and Ronnie still hadn't given back James/ Tommy to Kat and Alfie. There is a glimmer of hope though and I suspect that this will be over within the next two weeks or so. It was Whitney who took pride of place this week in the East End. Lauren started feeling bad about how she treated her 'bessie mate' and tried to contact her to apologise and try meet up. It became clear that there was something up when she couldn't get through. She told Ricky and Max and they all went round to see what Janine knew about the teenager. Of course, she knew nothing about where she was and instead of taking responsibility for her part to play in her disappearance; Janine managed to turn it round on everybody else. Lauren and Janine set out to find Whit, thanks to some digging by Tiffany chronicling everything in diary. They ended up finding her in some rotten nightclub and living in a dingy flat with. It was clear to Lauren that this new guy Rob was using Whitney to pay off some debts to other gangsters. Lauren tried her best to get her troubled friend home but her efforts were in vain and she was forced to leave and head home without her, not before seeing Whitney being bundled, quite violently, into a car by Rob. Meanwhile, Carol had paid Conor a visit hoping he would have news on Whitney, but they ended up having and argument which lead Carol to realise it was time to scatter Billie's ashes and let go of her son. In some happier news, Jay and Abi were flirting over some washer dryers and had a few kisses in the launderette, but Max was not happy his little girl was about to become someone's girlfriend.

Over in Emmerdale, Jimmy remembered some elements of his past when he started talking about his dad's interest in blonde haired women, something that Carl had never mentioned to him. Nicola was desperately trying to give her husband some space so that he wouldn't feel smothered and would hopefully realise that he did love her. However, Jimmy found out about Kelly and told his brother that he wanted to find out more about her. No matter how much the good looking King tried to persuade his older brother to leave that vengeful vixen alone, Jimmy just couldn't resist and so he went to meet up with her. Back home, Zak and Lisa learnt that Derek wouldn't be facing criminal charges for what he did to her as the police did not have enough evidence to pull him in front of a judge. This infuriated an already hot tempered and confused Zak who jumped straight in that rust bucket, with a cricket bat, hoping to take the law into his own hands. As he threw Derek round a little, giving him a bloody nose and was just about to knock his block off, Lisa arrived and managed to pull her husband off him. Derek then began to claim Lisa never told him 'No' and that she wanted to sleep with him. This caused Lisa to get very vocal and physical with the scumbag and would not leave until he admitted what he did was wrong. When he did, the Dingles left but, it was clear this event would have a more long term effect of their marriage then they thought. Jackson was pushing Aaron away by not wanting him to stay over at his or vice versa and he also rejected a dinner date. When some of Jackson's old work mates arrived to do work for Bob on the shop, Jackson's depressive mental state became worse and it was very obvious, from his video diary entry, that he would prefer his life to be over. It wasn't long until Aaron found the video diary. Finally, Val and Pollard were allowed have Amy stay with them on a more permanent basis, while John fired Adam.

Lastly, in Fair City, it was a very short week and to be honest there was not a lot happening. The main storyline centered around Christy and Carol's impending wedding. Christy was pretty content that Carol had chosen him while Louie had started to become an emotional mess. Ali was trying to help Carol with her vows along with also telling her that life would be more simple and stable if she married Christy, which we all know is not what Carol wants deep down. If she did then she wouldn't have had the affair in the first place. Elsewhere, seeing as lent is now in full swing, some of the male residents of Carraigstown were arguing and finding it tough to stick to their Lenten vows. Most notably was Wayne. He indulged and gorged on some sweet things and was caught out by Pete and Cass. To save his bacon, he told them that it being a Sunday, he was allowed to have one or two treats. Not true at all and whoever told him that God left the desert every Sunday and had a mighty feast and then returned to voluntary solitary confinement in the sandy desert, should go back to school and be re educated. As I said, not much happened during the week so we'll end the recap on news of some young love. Rachel was bowled over by Philip's cool attitude and it seemed he had a twinkle in his eye for her too, nwahhh.