Keith and Orla were still at it last week in Fair City, and I'm not referring to them fornicating, they we're arguing (just wanted to clarify that). They were trying to come to terms with Orla's new job offer in Dubai and after Keith finally said he would go with her, Orla found out that the job wasn't exactly all that it had been built up to be. Carol hosted a 'Come Dine With Me' night which ended up with Jo getting drunk (this seemed to be a reoccurring theme last week) and she literally threw herself at Louie and repeatedly told Carol that the evening was 'beautiful'. However, if Jo thought that the hangover she had the following day was the worst moment of the week, she was wrong. Thanks to Robert and Dermot, Ben sort of found out that he was adopted. The couple spent majority of the week arguing over it and worried about how the news would affect their young son. Bob told Louie that he wanted to become more involved in the running of the pub, after he saw a sign in the window looking for staff. Philip and Leo formed a band for the Bealtaine Festival. The main storyline that graced our screens during the week, however, was the love affair between Charlie and Esther. Over the past while, they both started to wonder if they wanted the same things in life, which caused them to re-think their relationship. However, it was ironed out and everything seemed to be going great, until Charlie got down on one knee and popped the question. It was romantic, in an old person kind of way, but it wasn't met with and overjoyed yes.

Over in Emmerdale, it was a big week for Debbie. Carl was starting to wind her up and spewing rumours that Cameron and Eve were doing the business behind her back. Hormonal and sick of his constant snide remarks, Debbie threw a pint over his head and ran off behind the bar. Good thing Chas and Charity were there to help her, but nothing could have prepared them for her shocking news. It turned out she was pregnant and now she feared that her original doubts about her fellah seemed to be coming true. It didn't take long for Cameron to find out what his boss was saying about him and as Debbie didn't seem to believe him when he categorically denied having it off with the village bike, he went and punched Carl. Then, when Cameron found out that his girlfriend was expecting his child, he was shell shocked and possibly started to regret punching his boss as he would really need the income. For the majority of the week, Debbie was saying that she wasn't ready for the baby, she didn't trust Cameron, and wanted to have an abortion. Her family and boyfriend rallied around her to try and convince her that she would be making a big mistake. Meanwhile, Rhona and Marlon's relationship had taken a turn for the better but Paddy was now beginning to feel left out. The lady vet ended up having another scare while in the pub and after being rushed into the back by Diane, it turned out to be a false alarm. It took the chef to convince his ex that by working, she was putting the baby at risk and she needed to take it easy from here on in. She agreed, but Paddy just stared and looked on like a child who had just been left out of a soccer game.

Ronnie returned back to the square in Eastenders and even though she managed to go unnoticed for a few hours, it wasn't long until people found out and Michael became their spokesperson. He decided to tell Jack that his wife was not welcome after what she did. Jack saw red and went to punch his business partner, but was stopped in his tracks when he realised that everyone agreed. Jack then thought that maybe she would be better off not living with him, not because he didn't love her anymore (he foolishly does of course) but that she would be better off back with Roxy for a while. Hoping that they could work through their issues, Jack asked Ronnie out for lunch and just as they seemed to be getting everything back on track, Rainie dropped a bombshell on Ronnie's lap. In Jack's defence though, he thought his missus was gone to the nut house for a long time, he thought their marriage was finished, so Ronnie can't really hold that against him and guess what, she didn't. Glasshouses and stones... Zainab didn't know who to turn to last week and found herself crying into Syed's arms and declaring that as soon as Tamwar was hitched (if only she knew), Masood was going to get kicked out of the marital home. Meanwhile, Yusuf was enjoying stirring trouble between his ex and her husband. In some good Masood related news, Christian proposed to Syed. Isn't that sweet, here's hoping they have a happy ending. So, we all saw that that old fart Edward was hanging around Dot for one reason, and it wasn't just for friendship, he wanted to become her new man, even though she's still married to Jim. After he declared his feelings for her, Dot got all in a tizzy, tried to ignore him, run the launderette and take care of Jim. But, thanks to an intervention from Carol and Max, Dot was forced to admit that she could no longer care for Jim and there was an emotional goodbye, both on screen and in my living room, as Jim said farewell to the square.

Finally, let's look at how John tried to cover his tracks in Coronation Street. As Chesney and the Hoyles remained tied up in a basement, John informed them that his plan was for him and Fiz to move away from Weatherfield, as far away as they could go and then call the police and tell them to go and rescue them. It was all as simple as that. But, his plan was put slightly off track when he returned home and found a drainage engineer at the factory. Realising that the floor was going to be dug up (and Colin's body still hidden underneath) John set about convincing Owen to give him a job as a laborer so that he could then halt the repairs on the factory floor and hopefully stop anyone finding Colin's body. Katy decided that Chesney had definitely left her and she agreed to have an abortion not knowing that he baby daddy was breaking free and trying to get help. Not only this, but by the end of the week, Fiz found Chesney's phone in John's coat and started to wonder what he was up to. Amy started to realise that when she got sick, her Dad came running (she's turning into her mother so quickly) so, he kept drinking milk. Steve and Tracy knew that the living situation was upsetting their daughter so Tracy decided that she and her daughter were going to move away. While Steve was trying to come to terms with this, Becky agreed to meet wit Kylie to talk about Max.