Dean spent the week lusting after Yvonne and pining after Caoimhe in Fair City. When his ex wasn't around he and his boss got to know one another a little more, while being surrounded by some staple food items that had their home in Vino's kitchen. However, it didn't last for long as Neasa walked in and spotted the pair necking. With Neasa now aware that Dean was playing her sister for a fool (he may not have thought he was doing so), one could understand why she wasn't overly pushed about going for a drink with Finn and Dean, which was organised by her little sister. While at The Station, Caoimhe approached Dean and gave him twenty four hours to end his fling with Yvonne. However, I have a feeling Yvonne may get her claws into Dean as Bela kindly reminded her that she was a loner and had a string of failed relationships. Who knew Bela could be so blunt. Elsewhere, Suzanne was recovering in hospital from being kicked, punched and left for dead by Mark. As David sat by her side keeping her company, Mark paid her a visit. Once left alone, he asked his ex sister-in-law why she didn't report the assault. With the new leaf now firmly turned over, Suzanne opted for the calm approach and explained that they both had made mistakes and she thought it best that Mark not be punished for it. However, as he tried to apologise, the mood turned sour, he got a little angry again and Suzanne asked him to leave. Maybe they should get together, they seem to have so much in common, when you think about it. In other news, Jo and Tommy were flirting outrageously with one another so, it's only a matter of time until they end up under the sheets.

Cain upped his campaign against Charity and Jai, in Emmerdale (when will he get around to building that bridge), when he intercepted a job that Carl was meant to do for the pair. It all started when Jai found out that his lady had stashed a load of stolen plasma TV's in the barn conversions. They enlisted the help of Carl to shift them for a small fee, not knowing that Cain was ear wigging from a distance and had started to make a plan of his own. He approached Cameron and the pair broke into the houses and moved the TVs. Later, when Carl went to do his job, he realised that they were gone. However, it seemed that someone had done Charity and Jai a favour (here's looking at Cain) as they arrived to see what Carl was talking about when they were greeted by the police. It did not take long for Charity to put two and two together. Declan decided to listen to his dad's advice, when Dermot declared that Ella needed to be paid more attention. So, Declan organised a surprise party for his missus to celebrate their anniversary. But, of course, it didn't go to plan as she was in a swanky hotel room doing naughty things with Adam. When she did eventually arrive home (after numerous phone calls from Mia) everybody had left and she got into a heated argument with Declan over where she was. Mia was listening in and couldn't help but think that her mum was up to her old tricks, of course we know she's right to think so. Meanwhile, Ashley told Hazel that he could not perform Jackson's funeral as he saw that what they (being Aaron and Hazel) did was wrong and illegal. Aaron did not like this one bit and had a not so quiet word with the vicar in the pub. It's so nice to see that Hazel and Aaron's characters sticking by one another.

Next up, EastEnders. Vanessa was fretting that Max was still in love with Tanya (so what they say about blondes isn't all true *ducks flying nail files*) and even asked him out straight. Max denied it, of course, and to prove that he meant it, he asked her to marry him. Vanessa was quick to organise an engagement party but there was a serious amount of tension between Tanya, Greg and Max. Later, Rainie returned to her sisters house bladdered drunk and as Greg was too busy to come to her aid, Tanya was rescued by Max, who was only too willing to step up to the mark and sort the drunk out. Another couple who seemed to be going through the rough seas was Syed and Christian. The later was celebrating his birthday with his new fiancé and friends but he developed a case of the green eyed monster when he spotted Syed having a great time with his male friends. The night ended with them having a huge argument. The week was equally as rough for Janine as sadly Lydia passed away in her sleep. She and her granddaughter spent the evening together talking about Janine's childhood where she ended up finding out a few home truths but, when the young Butcher woke up the next day, she was devastated to find her Gran had died. To make matters worse, someone called the cops saying they thought Janine had played a part in the old ladies death.

And finally, Coronation Street welcomed a new face as Michelle Collins took her new post as Bar Manager in The Rovers, much to Tracy's dismay. Steve started the week off by re-hiring Tracy, then announced that he needed someone to run the bar, conducted secret meetings with his solicitor over custody of Amy and also spent countless times trying to call Becky. Tracy was convinced she had her feet back under the table but was forced to take them out when she met Stella (Collins). The new manager wasted no time either on moving her family in. Steve, though, got distracted when he found out that Becky was staying in some hotel, living it up with a load of strangers. He tried to talk her into coming home but failed miserably, so Roy and Hayley were drafted in. In the love triangle that was no more, Tina told Graeme that she was going to report him and Xin to immigration, but she was only venting and Gail talked her out of it. They had a tearful goodbye on the cobbles and Graeme and his wife thought it best to move on. Tina was fine though, sure a couple of hours later she was on a date with Tommy. Sophie jacked in her job at Dev's so she could devote all her time to the shelter, thanks to James. Can anyone smell a rat when he's around? Finally, Gary's jealousy reared it's ugly head when Izzy met an old friend.... a boy - friend.