As Kenneth Williams once said, 'Oh Matron!' Yes scandalous behaviour graced our screens in Fair City last week when Tommy and Jo agreed to have an affair. I've never seen one so organised and consensual before. It began with a kiss at the Helping Hand, when Tommy arrived into the charity shop looking for some blankets for his family barbeque. The gardener made his feelings perfectly clear towards Jo, and later, as he called to her house to collect the aforementioned blankets, they sealed their future fling with a kiss which was interrupted by Dermot. The oblivious councilor didn't notice a thing though. On to the main event of the week, which was the BBQ. The residents gathered avec burger buns and what looked like Prazsky Beer (the RTE budget must not stretch to the good stuff) and everyone took part in the fun and games, especially Caoimhe who was playing a little game of her own. She was miffed that Dean broke up with her and that Neasa played a part in it, so she set about destroying any hope of Finn and Neasa getting together. She constantly brought up Turlough in every conversation, as she wanted Finn to see that her sister was not over her ex. Once satisfied that this part of the plan was done, she then set about having Neasa walking in on her and Finn kissing. However, it wasn't long until those involved realised that Caoimhe was just a jealous cow. Elsewhere, David got annoyed at Suzanne, as she kept refusing to be a couple in Carraigstown and admitted that she wanted to keep their relationship on the D-L and away in hotels and the likes.

Over in EastEnders, the Masoods/Yusuf feud was going to come to a head. Tamwar and Afia spent the start of the week preparing for their wedding and the celebrations started with a pre-wedding Mehndi. The square gathered to celebrate with the couple by dancing and having a good time. Masood was forbidden to attend and watched from afar as his family celebrated without him. He seethed with anger as Yusuf acted as the proud father and when he saw the GP purposely put his hand on Tamwar's shoulder, he made his way to stop the celebrations. An argument broke out as the postman forbid his son to marry anyone who was connected with Yusuf and as tensions continued to rise, Tam blurted out that he and Afia were already married. That went down like a lead balloon. Shirley found out that Phil was acting as Rainie's sponsor. She walked into the pub and saw Rainie put her hand lovingly on Phil's face (she wanted Shirley to think they were having an affair) and stormed out, with that angry head that made her look like naked mole rat (Google it, it's rotten). Finally, in brief, Max and Tanya continued to flirt and kiss etc, I just don't see why in God's name she left him in the first place if she keeps ending up in his bed and Billy told Julie that he wanted to track down their son.

In Emmerdale, it seemed that Paddy and Rhona's relationship was nearing the end when Paddy walked in on Marlon and Rhona sleeping in the same bed. It's not as bad as it sounds though, they were both fully clothed and were on top of the covers. However, the vet got peeved and was soon having a war of words with his girlfriend. She was annoyed with him spending so much time with Aaron and he was annoyed that he was still feeling pushed out of the 3-person relationship. It was bound to happen anyway. By the end of the week, Rhona had backed her bags and said goodbye to Paddy as she set off to stay with her mum for a while but, she failed to mention when she would be coming back. Speaking of Aaron, he was helping Hazel make the final preparations for Jackson's funeral but when the day came, he wasn't there. Nope, the fuzz came in and took away his final chance of saying goodbye to his one true love. On the day that the young boy was being laid to rest, the police had arrested Aaron and were charging him with murder. He was released on bail and when he got back to the village, he went straight to the graveside where he said a final and tearful goodbye. Victoria and Amy were still not talking, understandable from Victoria's point of view but Amy was further put out when she learnt that Leyla gave Hannah her old job in the shop. I apologise in advance for ending this week's Emmerdale recap on a sad note; Debbie learnt that she had a miscarriage and couldn't find the right time to tell Cameron as he arrived home from his trip, with his kids.

Lastly, Becky was like Jekyll and Hyde all week in Coronation Street... OK, maybe more like Hyde. She began the week saying that her marriage to Steve was over, then she decided that she wanted to save the marriage but when her hubby announced that he was filing for divorce, she went on another drinking binge, came on to Stella's partner, then decided that she was the boss of the pub and took up her old post behind the pumps. Matters weren't helped by Tracy, who added salt to Becky's wounds by telling her that she had lost her family, her home and her job. Steve was away when Becks arrived at The Rovers and all Stella could do was watch on. Stella was acting as a hero elsewhere, when a masked youth burst his way into the bookies and threatened Leanne. Stella was quick to react, with a baseball bat (not sure where she pulled that from) and wrestled him to the ground. Later, when Peter returned she berated him for leaving Leanne on her own. I wonder was that her motherly instincts kicking in (*whispers* she told the press that her major upcoming storyline involved her and Leanne and the fact that she is her birth mother). Leanne also had to deal with Peter and Carla rekindling their friendship as Carla hit rock bottom after learning her mother had died. As she sought comfort in bottles of wine, she called Peter for help and Leanne just happened to walk in as her husband was giving her ex bessie mate a comforting hug and was not impressed. Roy and Hayley were also having a tough week as Sylvia found a prescription for Hayley's hormone drugs. She thought her daughter-in-law was taking them for the menopause but later found out, thanks to Tracy's massive gob and her willingness to share the truth, that Hayley was in fact once called Harold. The news was met with disgust. In other news, Gary let his jealous streak take over and failed to tell Izzy that her old friend Will was in touch and had organised a tickets for some gig.