Well, I bet Carol never expected her week to turn out the way it did in Fair City. After returning from holliers, Carol had to face Lorcan's anniversary. Louie of course didn't know about it until she told him, while scrubbing the windows of the pub. Instead of taking it easy for the day, she thought it best to stay super busy and not dwell on it, probably for fear that she would get too upset. After she paid her son's grave a visit, she called Ali in the hope of cheering herself up, however it was after this phone call that she realised she was pregnant - well - not there and then. She began to feel faint, and then she sort of collapsed onto the pavement. Coincidently, Vivienne just happened to be walking by and came to her rescue (this seems to be a recurring event in her acting career. I was watching Veronica Guerin the other night and she was one of the first people on the scene on that awful day, anyway...) and convinced her to go to the surgery so that she could give her the once over. As a precautionary measure, a pregnancy test was taken and that was when Carol realised she was five months gone. She wasn't totally thrilled and who could blame her. As she was in her second trimester, she didn't know who that father was, dan dan daaaan. In the Dillon household, Neasa and Caoimhe continued to bicker, as the latter couldn't resist winding her big sister up. After catching Caoimhe and Finn kissing, Neasa has been up the wall and seething that her sister could be such a bee-atch. During the week, she spotted Caoimhe and Finn on the corner of the street chatting and while the bar owner was desperately trying to tell Caoimhe to cop on and stop acting like a spoilt jealous conniving cow, she was pretending to flirt with him to make her sister angry... and it worked. Dean, however, could see right through his ex-girlfriend's plan. Esther returned home to her house to find her son and Suzanne getting down to the naughty business on her couch. Needless to say she didn't hold her tongue and as Suzanne rushed to gather her clothes, Esther proceeded to call her a tramp. A tad harsh really; a "husband beater" yes, but she's no tramp.

Meanwhile, over in Emmerdale, Chas confided in Gennie (and Charity, and Katie) that she slept with Carl and that Nikhil was starting to smother her. As Gennie sat and listened to her sister, she began to feel that she was being ungrateful, purely for the fact that she wished she was in Chas's position. After one hell of a berating, Gennie announced that Chas didn't deserve the stud and that she did, seeing as she was in love with him. The next day, Chas did the noble thing and dumped Nikhil, paving the way for her sister. But it didn't go very well when Gennie told her boss that she was in love with him. He actually laughed in her face. Here was me thinking that he was the nice brother. The main drama though took place at Home Farm. Declan found out that Ella was having an affair with his helping hand, Adam. Wasting no time, he chucked his wife (or ex-wife, I really don't know what their marital status is) out of the house, told Adam that Mia was not to find out who her mum was sleeping with and if she did, then he would make sure John would lose the farm. John and Moira were pretty scared when they heard this news. Hazel and Aaron had to say goodbye to the last bit of Jackson that they were holding on to, his wheelchair, as social services arrived to take it away. In some more light hearted news, Pollard bought one of the barn conversions but decided to let Val and Amy suck up to him before he informed them. David and Leyla held their engagement party in the pub but we know Alicia is not one to let her sister have all the limelight, so she announced that she and Andy were moving to Spain. Finally, Victoria wanted to see if Alex was the faithful type and enlisted the help of Amy (yes, they're friends again) to test him and see if he would try and sleep with her. He passed with flying colours.

Next up, EastEnders. Michael was still shouting and blaming his father for what happened with his mum all those years ago and continued to tell him that he didn't want anything to do with him. Ronnie happened to overhear one of the arguments and she invited Michael into the flat. She opened up about her issues with her own father (however, I don't think it's quiet the same, he was a horrible person and isn't alive anymore). Eddie made one last attempt at forming some kind of father-son relationship by bringing Tommy into the equation. This seemed to work as Michael agreed to meet his dad later in the cafe. That never happened though as Eddie's other son arrived on the square distracting the old man, leaving Michael waiting like a fool. When he stormed out of the cafe, he found his brother and father in the pub having a laugh together, and told both of them that he basically hated them. Not in those words, but that was the gist. Tamwar and Afia figured out that if they wanted to get married (for the second time) then it would be best if they didn't invite either of their parents as World War Three would break out. Syed found out and grabbed his lover, Christian, and they surprised the young couple when they turned up to be the witnesses. In a story line that's been resurrected more times then I can count, Max and Tanya continued their affair by tearing one another's clothes off in the car lot, classy eh? They were nearly caught when Greg swung by to talk to Max. As his wife hid under the desk of her ex-husband, Greg caught a glimpse of a pair of ladies tights and lipstick on Max's collar but presumed that it was from Vanessa. Bet he's going to feel a little stupid when he finds out.

Finally, I'm not sure what game Gary was playing with Izzy, in Coronation Street but she was incredibly p*ssed off when she learnt he'd taken her phone and failed to tell her that Will had called to their flat. As she pressed him for answers, he couldn't find the words to explain why he did what he did. Steve returned from his break and was furious that Becky had reinstated herself as manager. After throwing her out, and her vowing to not go without a fight, Stella had a word with her which resulted in Becky telling Steve she would give him a divorce. Stella was also busy keeping secrets from people, but good ole Peter managed to find out what she was hiding after he stumbled upon her purse in the bookies. There seemed to be items in it that linked her to Leanne and he demanded to know what the story was. Nothing could have prepared him for the news that Stella was his wife's biological mother. Leanne wasn't prepared to hear it either but she had no choice as she found out at her surprise party. Stella's daughter ran off while Leanne did what she did best: stare at a vacant space and made her lip quiver. In other news, Anna found out that her house was being put on the market - and she was getting first refusal. So, she headed off to the bank only to become upset when she was refused a mortgage. How did she think she would get one anyway, she's the only earner in the house and works a few hours in Roy's Rolls. It seemed that Owen would become her knight in shining armor as he offered her a solution. Didn't think he had a heart, or maybe, just maybe, he fancies Anna. It would be nice to see her with someone that actually knew how to use a shower. Finally, the police arrived at Fiz's doorstep asking more questions.