Another week and, another recap. God how the weeks are flying in and so are the dramatic storylines, so let's kick off this week's round up with Fair City. Jo was smiling from ear to ear last week when Dermot announced that he would be spending one day a week up in Belfast for work. Seeing this as an opportunity to grab with both hands, she started making plans to spend more time with Tommy. However, she started getting a little greedy and to spend more time with the gardener, she paid Philip to take Ben out for the day. However, Tommy started to say that he wasn't really all that interested in just meeting up to chat, meaning he wanted his pants to do the talking. Meanwhile Dermot began to see cracks in his wife's personality, which led to Jo feeling a little guilty. However, I don't think anything will stop her having this silly affair. Speaking of people's love lives, David and Suzanne arrived back from their dirty weekend away and decided to prolong seeing anyone, including their families and locked themselves away in her apartment. Esther, who spent most of the week trying to contact her son, grew increasingly irritated and when a roast dinner was cancelled, she marched round to her son, holding the roast dinner in between her uber stylish oven gloves and proceeded to berate her boy and then threw the dinner on the floor. Yvonne watched on in horror as her rug sat idly with some roast potatoes and carrots on it, while Esther and David had a war of words. However, it wasn't long until they hugged and made up. Next up, Louie and Carol spent most of the week coming to terms that they were going to become parents again but not only did they have to let that sink in, the question lingered of 'Who's The Dada?' Carol told Christy and it was decided (not sure by whom) that all three would find out after the birth who was the biological father. However, this didn't stop the happy couple announcing their news to their friends and family. Christy was in no mood to celebrate, naturally, and made a shocking announcement that he wanted to leave Carraigstown for good. Finally, Zumo started to groom Mark and make him the Bishops' B***h.

Over in EastEnders, Michael had decided to make Ronnie and Jack's life hell, as if they didn't have enough to worry about, what with the court case at the end of the week. So, what did he do? Well, it all started when he and Ronnie bonded over their dads and the fact that both fathers haven't been the best role models, and by the end of the chat, Michael had planted a kiss on the blonde. Of course, Ronnie was shocked and pulled away but the damage had already been done and the game started. He also crept into Ronnie's bed as she slept and made sure that Jack would catch them. When he did, his wife explained that Mr Moon slept walk and that that had to be he reason he was in her bed. Then Jack was persuaded by Michael to say a proper goodbye to Tommy and then nastily told Ronnie about the visit, upsetting her. Next on the list was to tell Alfie that Ronnie had a new barrister who was bound to get her off and free from spending time behind jail, this forced Alfie to punch an oblivious Jack and then he planned for Kate and Alfie to catch Ronnie alone in the park with Tommy, who he managed to leave there in his pram. As well as all this messing about, Michael agreed to give Eddie a second chance and arranged to meet him for a coffee. As he sat in the cafe, his father was greeted by his other son, Tyler, on the square, got distracted and left Michael waiting. In other news, Janine was trying to stay off the streets, but with no cash it was proving difficult. That was until a mysterious man arrived and told her she was a heiress. Max and Tanya were caught out by Lauren, who let her feelings known to her parents and they agreed that it would be best to stop fooling around. That lasted all of five minutes.

Ken was met with a shock in Coronation Street when he arrived into the Rovers last Monday, demanding Becky turn the music down. There was a party you see, to celebrate Jason's birthday. As Mr Barlow arrived in, he was accosted by a stripper. Of course, everyone just looked on and laughed while I think he had hoped someone would peel the cheap PVC lady off him. More drama followed as a fight broke out - just in time for Steve's arrival home. He broke up the hustle and demanded that everyone, including Becky, leave. Later, Becky told Steve that she planned on staying put and working in the bar but after having a few days to think about things, she told Steve that she would agree to a divorce. I think that's really sad, they were such a good soap couple. Elsewhere, as a way of thanking Stella for foiling the robbery on the bookies, Peter and Leanne invited her and Karl for dinner in their apartment. With all four squashed around a table that was clearly built for no more then one, Stella was making a great impression on the Barlows. Later though, Peter found out why when he picked up her wallet in the bookies and found a picture of a young Leanne inside. Yes, that meant that she was Leanne's mother, you know, the one that abandoned her as a baby and left Les Battersby as the sole career for her. Leanne found out at her surprise 30th birthday party and did not take the news well. Finally, Fiz was still trying to prove her innocence to the police and that she had nothing to do with Colin or Joy Fishwick's deaths but, after Roy and Hayley were interviewed by the investigating officer, the evidence was not stacking up against the factory worker.

Finally, Emmerdale. John and Moira found out that Adam broke it off with Mia and when they questioned their son, he admitted that he had to as Ella forced him to. But, he would have been forced to do the same by Declan as he was quick to find out that Adam was the person his wife was sleeping with. So, Adam and Ella were thrown out of Home Farm, separately and Adam was told that if Mia ever found out who her mum had the affair with, he would make sure John's farm and business would be ruined. Elsewhere, Chas told Gennie that she slept with Carl and was getting a little sick of Nikhil's smothering behaviour. Her sister became infuriated that Chas didn't appreciate what she had and blurted out that she loved the factory boss. The next day, Chas did the right thing and broke up with Nikhil, paving the way for Gennie to reveal her true feelings. But, when she did, her boss laughed in her face and admitted that he did not feel the same way. Poor Gennie was deflated and it took Nikhil a few days to realise that he behaved like a right plank. Leyla was getting annoyed with Alicia and her plans for a new life in Spain, mainly because cutie Jacob was going to go too. The sisters had a few spats over the week, with Leyla begging her sister not to rush into anything and later told Jacob that if he didn't like Spain, he could return home and live with her and David. Bet Alicia would have loved to of heard that conversation. Nicola continued to stop Jimmy from seeing Angelica while Holly was offered a job in the sweet factory, just about.