The affair might be over before it's really begun for Jo and Tommy in Fair City. Last week, they were almost rumbled by Dermot when he arrived home early from a day out with Ben. Tommy made a quick dash and hid in the kitchen and when the coast was clear, he legged it out the front door. However, hoping that he could lift his wife's spirits (you see, Dermot thought she was a little down which is why she was acting distant towards him) Dermot organised a dinner party and invited Paul and Niamh and, wait for it, Tommy and Judith. Yes, awkward or what? It was an amusing watch I'll admit. To be honest, I was waiting for them all to throw their car keys in a bowl at one stage, bet Jo wished that did happen all those months ago. Jo had tried her best to get Dermot to cancel but he was determined to host the shindig. So, on the night, Jo eyed up her bit on the side from the opposite end of the dining table but when she saw the doctor and her husband flirting with one another, it was like seeing daggers fly from her eyes. Consumed with jealousy, she managed to get Tommy alone in the kitchen for a sneaky smooch. However, as they were more focused on how far they could get their tongues down one another's throats, they failed to notice little Ben watching them from the doorway. Elsewhere, Esther apologised to Suzanne for her recent behaviour, delighting David. However, it wasn't long until the mood turned dark when Esther suffered a heart attack. She was confiding in Charlie about what really happened between her and David's late father and when the stress got too much for her, the chest pains began and she was rushed to hospital. Christy had announced that he wanted to start a new life, possibly away from Carraigstown, and declared that Phelan's was for sale. His reason was obviously down to the fact that Carol was pregnant. Louie and Bob both pitched to Christy and he had a great time watching the two of them fight for his shop. It's funny that they were sucking up to him after both of them stole his women from under his nose, first Renee and then Carol.

Over in EastEnders, Syed and Christian's relationship was on the rocky road once again. On the day that they were preparing to meet with a social worker, Christian got drunk with Roxy, robbed a bench from the park and then later got a little agro with wee Amy. In the aftermath, Syed declared that he no longer wanted to adopt a child. Christian was heartbroken and set about making things right. He thought that if he got the approval of Zainab, that his lover might change his mind. However, as he sat down with Zainab, the pair were soon fighting. Syed was still adamant that he wanted nothing to do with the adoption but when Christian said he was going to go ahead with or without him, Syed backed down and the adoption was back on track. Billie and Julie received some sad news when they tried to track down their son. It turned out that he died a few months ago, but he had a daughter. Julie was sort of relieved about the news, she wasn't exactly overjoyed when Billie told her he was searching for their son. But that was short-lived when she learnt that Billie wanted to meet his granddaughter. When they tracked her down, their first encounter with the teenager was when they pulled her off some young one in a children's home. This should have been the first indication that she was going to be trouble. Rainie asked Tanya to go to her support group where they were celebrating them all being clean from drink and drugs for six months. She obviously omitted to the group that she went on a drinking binge the week before. Tanya didn't make the ceremony as she was too busy having fun with Max, possibly on the office table over in the car lot. Janine began splashing her inheritance about, putting Pat's nose out of joint, but she then found out that Lydia's son was contesting the will. Finally, Fatboy had to beg Mercy to stay in the UK after he heard that she was on her way back to Nigeria. Again, I would like to ask why she even bothered applying for her visa to stay.

In Coronation Street, nothing could have prepared Peter for the news that he was about to become a father for the second time. He found a pregnancy test in Leanne's bag and urged her to take it. She emerged from their bathroom with the biggest smile I've ever seen her sporting and told her hubby that she was in fact up the duff. Peter pretended he was delighted but, it was pretty obvious he wasn't at all. When Leanne later revealed their news to her friends and family at the pub, she didn't know that Peter had already told Carla. Of course, she did find out and ended up having an argument with Peter in their flat. This was the start of the end of her pregnancy unfortunately. As they continued to fight, Peter admitted he wasn't ready for the baby and stormed out. Leanne tried to chase after him but fell down the stairs. As the bookie sat in the Rovers telling Ken what happened, Stella decided to go see her daughter and check if everything was alright. When she found her lying at the bottom of the stairs, she called the ambulance but sadly it was too late and Leanne lost the baby. Across the road, Kevin spent most of the week shouting at Sophie and reminded her that she stole his small fortune. In a shock announcement, he told his daughter that he had called the police stating she had to face up to the consequences. When they arrived, he failed to rat her out and took the blame himself thus saving her from getting in more trouble. Meanwhile, James was sitting in the Barlow's acting like he too was the victim. He's like a roll of cling film (as in we can all see through him) and he began sussing out how he could take his granddad's house from under him, so that he could gain financially. He didn't count on Amy overhearing his conversation with a surveyor or Tracy catching him snooping in the cabinets looking for documents though. Finally, in brief, Amber returned to the cobbles and it looked like Audrey had come to terms with Marcia or Marc or, eh, whatever he calls himself.

Finally, let's have a look at what the yorkies were upto in Emmerdale. Jimmy woke up on Monday morning, surprised to see Gennie asleep next to him. It took a few minutes but he soon figured out why she was there. As he tried to get her out of the house, Nicola called in to see him because she had changed her mind about the divorce. She ended up catching Gennie tip-toeing down the stairs and stormed off. Thanks to Laurel and her interfering nose, Jimmy and Nicola were soon agreeing to give their marriage another shot. Alicia and Andy set off for their week in Spain, leaving Leyla to look after Jacob, not that she minded. No, Leyla was only delighted to have her son all to herself. David saw just what measure his fiancé was prepared to go to so that Jacob couldn't contact his mum. She hid is mobile in the shop and when Jacob asked for it, she declared that she had misplaced it. David found it, buried under some files and folders and berated Leyla for her actions. All was forgiven soon enough, when they went to look at a venue for the wedding. Charity was furious when she found out that Jai only paid her fifteen pounds out of the commission from the sale of the barn conversion. When she confronted him, he said it was to cover his losses from the TV scam. In order to prove that she was a good business woman, she set about trying to woo a potential client for the factory. That went tits up though and Nikhil and Jai were furious that she almost ruined their business. Chas spent most of the week trying to get a barrister who would hopefully get Aaron off the hook for helping Jackson die. Her first point of call was to tell Hazel that she should foot the bill but of course, she's not exactly flush with the cash. Carl got wind of the situation and offered to pay for the barrister (by using a loan from Scarlet) but that was thrown back in his face fairly sharpish. Finally, Amy started to organise a house party, behind Val and Pollards back, while they were convinced the young lass had turned a corner.